Family fun day at the rink! #christmastradition #idontskateanymore
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Hello this is a special self inflicted handpoke tattoo to go with my self inflicted broken wrist/operation 1.5years ago. Over top of the healed scar, which will (hopefully sometime soon) be reopened to take out the pieces of metal which remain. This is my collab with the medical industry. #idontskateanymore. Nerve endings on the surface skin are in all kinds of messed up places, couldnt feel some parts right in the middle of the scar, whereas other parts brought huge twangs of pain reminiscent of the first bone healing period. The capilaries of the scar tissue are so close to the surface that you can see them individually. Forearm tat drawn by me and later adapted/tattooed by master @sagflap
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“rawr, i’m tryna doodoo in you” -Justin Arthur 2k17 @trinidad_skater #thrasher #idontskateanymore #bitchass
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A couple of my favorite tricks #idontskateanymore
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