On my way, and today It’s my Birthday !!! Much love to my family, friends and supporters, The entire Locking4life Family !!! Thanks a lot for all the birthday wishes and positive vibes !!! I am Feeling overwhelmed !!! Love You All !!! This is a very important year for me a lot of new goals and dreams !!! Thanks a lot for Your love and support !!! 😎❤️🙏🏻 Photo by my bro @priska42 in Paris, France
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On my way, Photoshoot with my bro @priska42 , Galerie Véro-Dodat, Paris, France
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On my way, photo shoot with my bro @priska42 in Paris, France
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On my way, Photo shoot @ Le Louvre with my bro @priska42 ! Paris, France
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• Let me prove my love to you by The Main Ingredient • the original sample used by Alicia Keys • I just love the original song more 😍 this track is part of #myspotifytop100 ❤️
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• All we need is Love • #spreadlove
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• point de fuite • #iampriska
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