Keep your spirit light, your booty tight & your goals in sight. #eyyyyyyyy #nofucksgiven #tipoftheday #iaintnojoke #braidsandtwist #yestothis
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1987 "I Ain't No Joke" is a song by rap duo Eric B. & Rakim, released as the second single from their debut studio album Paid in Full. It peaked at number thirty-eight on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks. Described as one of the album's "monumental singles", Michael Di Bella wrote in the All Music Guide to Rock that "Rakim grabs the listener by the throat and illustrates his mastery of the rhyming craft". A music video was made for it, featuring dancing from Flavor Flav of the group Public Enemy. #hip#op #justice# old-school #radio #oldschool #4elementsofhiphop #paidinfull#album # 1987 #freestyle #goldenagehiphop #rap #archives #classic #thenewstyle #ericb&rakim #iaintnojoke
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Thank you to those you support me and sad that it still happens but defend me. I wouldn't trade any of you or any of my life even to walk. What some may see as a negative or a joke . I view as a blessing. I am able to view life in a way a lot can not. Appreciate things most don't even think of they just do . And most important i get to teach my kids. My nieces and newphews to be blind to limitations . And hopefully inspire someone else with CP to move forward. Love yourself and believe and KNOW you are entitled to happiness as much as ANYONE life is not laughing at you or being cruel. Life needs you. To teach, to build ,to grow as humans. Life needs us to remind those ignorant to your situation to be grateful for their own. Most importantly someone's ignorance does not define you. You do . Your words. Your actions. Your choices. And we will not always get it right. But damn it we will not stop. For every person who is mean or ignorant. Theres 3 more beside us who love admire and respect our situation. Someone who choses to target your diaability is the truly disabled soul. For they are so consumed by hate and trying to be mean and "funny" their own lives suffer while you grow and blossom. I never wish my bullies harm. I wish they never feel what i do . I wish they find peace and find what causes their pain so they can stop deflecting it on others and appreciate life . "They gon' say all kinds of things They'll make jokes about my name They gon' try to clip my wings, but I'm gon fly, I'm gon' fly They'll try to play me like a game I bet they're too scared of the fame But I can see it clearer when I'm lookin' in the mirror Saying God made me just right" 'I love me - Meghan Trainor' #gimpinainteasy #iloveme #womenwarriors #cerebralpalsy #ihavecpitdoesnthaveme #icantwalk #sowhat #iaintnojoke #watchforme #ilovemypeople #teachacceptancenothate #married #mom #happy #disbaledandproud #iwillnotlowermyself #ifeelbadforbullies #peaceandlove #music #yourwordsarenotareflectionofme
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