Damn, its hard to believe thats its been almost a year without you @chesterbe .. It wont be until next month but being alone with my thoughts somehow managed to bring you into my head. Most people would say its pretty stupid to be upset about a "celebs" passing especially after almost a year but shit i guess i never really "got over it". You were and always will be a huge inspiration, without you i would have never gotten into making and playing music myself and im sure that every day another new person becomes inspired by your work, but your fucking always positive personality, even when on the inside you were so badly suffering. We are all a little upset and saddened by the fact that you are no longer with us but the fact that you are no longer going through pain and suffering keeps out minds at ease just a little. That face is not the of someone that "looks depressed" and it fucking proves that depression has no face... It has no physical appearance that people seem to believe exists and therefore judges people on a daily basis. People need to fucking realise that depression isnt a joke, its a serious illness that can be helped with time and the right people, however you may not get over it completely, with the right people you can stay strong and get through that shit. Love and miss you so much😓 - - - #chesterbennington #ripchesterbennington #makechesterproud #320changesdirection #linkinpark #fuckdepression #mikeshinoda #posttraumatic #fml #onemorelight #onemorelighttour #hybridtheory #meteora #minutestomidnight #joehahn #braddelson #thehuntingparty #lpu#lpuground #lpu #missyou #fortminorwheredyougo
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Yes 🙌🏻 I finally got Mike Shinoda's new album Post Traumatic along with Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory today. Love both these albums💿. #mikeshinoda #posttraumatic #linkinpark #hybridtheory #cds #musiclover
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🇺🇸: Good evening everyone . 🇲🇽: Buenas tardes a todos
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Listening to this gem today. You may not know, but Linkin Park was the first rock band t shirt I owned back in 2001. #hybridtheory #linkinpark #carjams
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