Fishing... a new-found hobby. Thanks husband for teaching me the art of fishing. I need to buy my own rod and reel. My first catch was a small grouper...not bad for a first timer👊 #fiahinginthephilippines #husbandofinstagram #fishing #fishingph #picodelorohamilocoast #nasugbu #batangas #rarebreed
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It's days like these that we cherish. My husband gets ten solid days to spend with us, and we do our best to make each day count. He works his ass off to provide a good life for his family (120-140hrs a week 😳) He is a machine, he never complains, he just goes out each day and crushes it, and I admire him for his perseverance. Even when he is away at work he is present in our daily life by video chat or talking on the phone, and he ALWAYS helps me "parent" when I need him. From sweet little nothing texts, to video chats with Roman, to checking in on Georgia to see how her day went at school, to saying prayers at bedtime with G. Although he is physically gone he is always here for us to support us mentally & emotionally. I find sometimes that people pity or do not fully understand the life of being an oilfield wife. I do not feel like a "single" mom because well, I'm not. He provides for his family, he isnt absent when he is gone, and his days at home are 100% quality time with the family. I sometimes get those, "ohh poor you" comments when someone asks about my husband and his job. Well the truth is that we have embraced this life. We do miss him while he's away but why focus on the negative aspects of his job when there are so many positives to enjoy!!! #embracethegood . . . . #husbandofinstagram #dadsofinstagram #bestdad #numberonedad #oilfield #oilfieldwife #momlife #momlifeblog #mommyblogger #momblogger #ourlife #wednesdaymood #wednesdaywisdom #pos#positivevibesonly #positivevibes #positivity #workhardplayhard #workhardplayharder
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