📖 Stories Behind the Series 📖 One question that we get a lot is, how did you find your illustrator? • • Back in 2015, this series was just a twinkle in our eyes so we started small and posted a job on @upworkinc , a site for hiring freelancers. We asked a few illustrators to create the same spread. But even after testing all of them, we still didn't feel like the vision was quiiiiiiite right. • • That, plus a lot of life changes meant putting the project on hold for a few years. But when we recommenced in 2018 and found Laura, we knew we had the right fit. • • #ImagineDreamCreate #CountlessAdventuresAwait #RepresentationMatters #readingisFUNdamental #TheAdventuristas #husbandandwifeteam #everydayadventures #inclusion #childrensbooks #laboroflove #diversity #weneeddiversebooks #kidlit #diversitygap #diversityisbeautiful #multiculturalism #EarlyAuthors #KidLitArt #KidsBooks #PictureBook #ReadYourWorld
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3 of a kind - Custom Thank You VA gift boxes shipped to California #salazarlane
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Man, we just love creating memories in Disney—they are definitely some of the best to look back on 📹 . Did you guys hear? Disney officially closed on the @20thcenturyfox deal as of last night!! 📺 Caden & I love Avatar, so we are super stoked. Will we see X-Men & Deadpool collide within the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know what y’all think!
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The best day with the best couple!! Marlee & David have always been the sweetest to us and their wedding day was nothing short of perfect :) I can’t wait to show y’all more!!
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Posted up @dunkin in Green Bay, WI preparing a proposal. Where do you go to secure the bag? Wherever it takes. Rufus and Jenny can you come...sure, where do you need us? As long as the check clears we’re there. —— Two things you’ll learn about us: 1) We don’t tell everything we know 2) We don’t mention everyone we know Great things are happening. Never in life did we think we’d be in Green Bay, WI. Not even for s Packers game 😁Our journey has led us here. As long as things go well we should be ready for our movie 🎥 in a few weeks. Insha Allah ☺️ — #rufusandjenny #survivingmarriage #husbandandwifeteam #securethebag #greenbay #wisconsin
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When our friends come over they always mention the cabinets. Euro-style or Frameless custom cabinets are insanely pricey- so marry a woodworker. 😂 We saved THOUSANDS by Bret building them. And the metal hardware? $25+ a piece online and they weren’t even the right size. We designed the handles & got a welder to fabricate them for $8 a piece!! 🙌🏻❤️ The cabinets and hardware MAKE the kitchen for me! What do y’all think about them?
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