Whatever happens in the future is not going to change the fact that I always loved you. I love you today and I will love you until my last breathe😍😘 #arrow #olicity #husbandandwife #truelove❤️
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Hi Ceete this is a very touching story about a relative of mine that got married 10yrs ago,when he wanted to marry this girl everyone else refused saying she was a dog and she won't be faithful, but he stood his ground that he loves her and will marry her,he married her and she had given him 3 sons the first is 9yrs the second is 7yrs the 3rd is 4yrs ,sometime in April they both went to church and he gave her some money to make change so they can pit offering but she ended up in a beer parlour drinking on a Sunday morning, only for the mans friend to call him that he saw his wife drinking in a beer parlour not too far from the church,the man got angry and decided to send her back to her mother in the village so he told her to pack her clothes so he can go and drop her in the village, she was packing down her box when the husband saw an 1phone x fall out of her box,blinking network light,when he picked the phone and asked her to unlock it she said over her dead body that the phone wasn't hers,the next day he went to banex plaza in wise 2 abuja and asked if he could unlock the phone which they said yes and unlocked it for 25k ceete you won't believe what he saw in this phone, men sending the wife money in range of 500k,1m,300k and he discovered the wife has 12 active boyfriend that are fucking her with evidence of text messages from the men and some snapping her pussy and sending to her,his daughter also confirmed that their mother doesn't sleep at home anytime her father travels,she leaves them alone at home and come back early in the morning, the worst part is that this man is from orokam area of ogbadigbo local govt in Benue state,were the alekwu deity is very brutal if the woman cheats,the alekwu kills both the husband and the first son,Ceete my cozin is devastated and 💔💔💔💔💔💔he doesnt know what to do cos of the children. . . . . . #wednesdaymorning #wednesdayvibe #relationshipadvice #goodadvice #relationshipgoal #relationshipproblems #couples #couplegoals #partner #husbandandwife #father #ramadanmubarak #mar#marriageers #marriageworks #marriagetip #marriage #instacouple #couplesinlove #cheatingwife #infidelity #marriagesucks #divorce #couplestherapy247
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I was going to post something really sappy but these gorgeous photos 📸 by @innakostukovsky from @andyourstory say it all. Always yours. Always will. I love you @bmkufrin #andyourstory #husbandandwife #anniversary #wed#weddingversary #sameboysamegirl #couple #9years #maywedding not a #royalwedding #happyanniversary #parenting #parenthood #justus #wedding
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Hey.. cuamikkkk.. 😘 2 minggu belakangan ini, selama mami di klinik.. Papi ud jd bapak SEKALIGUS ibu rumah tangga.. yg super duper sabar, ikhlas & telaten. Mulai dr siapin keperluan mami, keperluan papi, keperluan Chio, keperluan Azzahra jg. Semua pekerjaan ibu rumah tangga dikerjain tanpa kecuali. plus Sambil kerja juga. Bolak balik klinik bersalin juga. Anter jemput Chio sekolah juga. Belanja mingguan juga. Urus surat2 pasca lahiran juga. Wah sibuk n lelah bgt pastinya ya Pih.. Yaa.. karena hidup merantau di negeri org, atleast segala sesuatu apapun jd bisa lebih mandiri. Alhamdulillah ad anggota keluarga juga yg ngebantuin disini. Makasihhh byk adik tercinta kuuu & teh @rinnimori .. 🙏🏻😍 terutama buat cuamik yg super sholeh & baik hati.. haturnuhun pisan akang @adiemori 💋❤️😍 LOVE BADAG 💏💑 sehatsehat terus ya sayangkuuuu.. • • • #terimakasih #arigatou #haturnuhun #suami #husband #blessed #grateful #happy #husbandandwife #love #ceritaperantau
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Jangan lupa ya buk ibuk.. 💕💕💕 #husbandandwife #masyaallah #peluksuamimasing2 #jombloharapbersabar 😂
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