There was nothing superb about Haddasah. She wasn’t flamboyant or significant. She didn’t come into power by family lineage. She was a common girl. She was a Jew. Orphaned at best raised by her uncle and learned the ways of the Torah in silence. At a time when her people were about to undergo execution in the worst way...God placed her amongst the hedonistic kingdoms of PERSIA to preserve a NATION. Wit didn’t get her there.. looks couldn’t keep her there.. and sex wouldn’t hold her there... She was a woman of humility and character...and used her heart to win over the authority of the KING for her people #3 days and the HAND OF GOD changed her life and her PEOPLES LIVES FOREVER. Moral of the story: GOD WILL COME GET YOU OUT OF #obsecurity Where #fame has no agenda It has no purpose #humilityisthe🚪 #love is the #key #❤️
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The right and proper thing to do is to honour and respect people especially those who have made impact in our lives. . . We honour people for their courage, sacrifices, impact and in all totality for how much they have been a blessing to us. . . But for you to begin to depreciate someone or see your self as better than them because they appreciate you is your foolishness on display. . . Always appreciate and esteem your fans. #wisdomforsuccess #honourreward #humilityisthe🚪
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Humility is the mark of maturity. A humble person is so appealing. They ooze a sense of inner strength & confidence that is so endearing to those around them. They are people who probably have seen the worst in life, been through more than their share of pain. Success or failure, they have the ability to remain grounded & under stated. No bragging, no big talking, no trying to impress. Humility is so sexy! #psychology #becomingwhoweweremeanttobe #humbleyourself #humilityisthe🚪 #supportgroup #connectingthedots
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C.S. Lewis had the right idea. Being humble isn't something that can be faked. Humility is a mindset that acknowledges your worth and those who contribute to your success.
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