Premier passage du lactarium ce matin. Ravie de pouvoir faire ce petit geste pour ceux qui en ont besoin. N'hésitez pas à consulter la carte des lactariums de France ils se déplacent parfois loin tant le lait maternel est en pénurie. A Clermont c'est le lactarium de Lyon qui se déplace sans problème. #humanmilkforhumanbabies #orblanc #laitmaternel #lactarium #prema #dondelait #breastmilk #breastfeeding
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Prenatal Breastfeeding Education is Key! Connect with our breastfeeding guru, Erin, to register for a private or group class. . . Additional info is on our website. You and your baby are worth it! #breastfeedingclass #bookit #learning
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Kalo ada yang bilang, ketika ibu mulai bekerja itu pasti produksi ASInya berkurang. Aduh gimana yaa, aku punya banyak temen dan saudara sebagai ibu pekerja entah bagaimana caranya mereka menitipkan anaknya dan menyelesaikan urusan domestiknya, tapi mereka tetep pumping, tetep kasih hak ASI ke anaknya. Daann, aku juga banyak follow selebgram busui mereka juga pekerja, tapi stok ASI nya banyak, bahkan sampai beberapa freezer. Jadi ibu itu luar biasa rasanya, nano nano. Tapi dari semua itu, kuncinya adalah SABAR. Konsisten sama tujuan. Niat mau kasih ASI selama 2th ya gimana caranya kita capai itu. Ada kendala ya segera cari solusi, bukannya malah menyalahkan keadaan 😂😂😂 Intinya tetap semangat buibu satu nasib satu perjuangan mengASIhi junior2nya, semoga kita bisa lulus menjalankan perintahNya mengASIhi selama 2th, junior2 kita bisa menjadi anak yang sholeh dan sholehah, aamiin 🍼🍼🍼 Semangat pumping, semangat mengASIhi 💪💪💪 #asi #asipurwokerto #ceritaasiabayomi #purwokerto #myson #myboy #bestmoment #moment #love #instagood #instadaily #instagram #pejuangasi #semangatmengasihi #semangatpumping #mamakbauasi #babyboy #indonesia #withdady #humanmilkforhumanbabies
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Human milk is the best milk for human babies. It’s fresh. It’s Nature Made. It has just the right amount of nutrients. Requires no packaging (...well that depends). Travels well. It’s organic and full of different flavors! #breastfeeding #breastfedbaby #humanmilkforhumanbabies #lactation
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Been working really hard to make the right choices. Been trying to make a conscious effort to walk more too. I’ve been accidentally intermittent fasting. I don’t really have time to eat breakfast in the morning, because I have to pump 🐮 so I don’t end up eating breakfast until almost lunch time most of the time. Which is fine. I’m finding I don’t start feeling hungry until then most of the time anyway. Or it goes the other way, and I have time for breakfast, so I eat a really caloric breakfast and then don’t feel hungry again until well after lunch. I feel like I’ve lost a little bit. My clothes feel slightly looser, my body feels a lot less puffy, but I don’t think I’ve lost any numbers on the scale yet. Still pumping to feed all the babies, but I’m starting to seriously contemplate slowing that down sooner than June. I’d like to get back into the gym soon, meet the weights again. In the meantime I’m working REALLY hard at what I put into my mouth and I’m happy to see that I’m in ketosis! Yay! Hopefully I’ll be back on the regular soon. I just finished two races on @yesfitchallenges the first two since I had the baby in January! I did the Easter race this past weekend. It was only 6 miles, but I normally don’t do any walking on the weekends. I dragged my family out to a wetland conservatory nearby and we walked our butts off! Felt good. Anyway, I’m here, I’m plugging little by little. Getting back into a groove hasn’t been priority lately, but I’m starting to turn my head that way. As much as I feel good feeding all (some) of the babies, it’s really taking a lot of my time. Hope to see y’all on the regular, soon!!! #keto #low#lowcarb #ketosis #ketomojo #fatisfuel #hum#humanmilkforhumanbabies #humanmilk #milkdonor #momlife #postpartum #threemonthslater #lowcarb #ketobreastmilk #pumplife
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Breastmilk is full of living and active cells! Post shared from #breastfeeding #liquidgold #breastmilk #pumpingmom #breastfeedingmama #lactation #humanmilkforhumanbabies #ibclc #breastfeedingtips
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