I got to admit. I was a bit anxious about using a mobile phone for photography, because I’m a devoted user of my camera. She’s my baby. But the #Hua#Huaweiro convinced me for a 100% that you can make stunning shots with a phone as well. I loved the night mode the best. I’m a fan of land- and seascape photo’s shot at the golden - or blue hour. When I switched on the night mode to try the effect with a sunset at #Captiva #Island, I was really amazed by the result. Watch my story. But most of all I love how you can easily make quick shots of precious moments like this one, when your child is soaking up the sunset view, just by grabbing your phone quickly out of your pocket and press the button. @HuaweiNL: Thank you so much for letting me test the HuaweiP20Pro! It was an honour! . . . . . #Huawei #HuaweiNL #mobilephotography #sunsetting #seemooore #HuaweiNextImage #spon #beachday #florida #gulfofmexico #sanibel
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