I remember this moment. And for me it was the best moment...that little baby was so excited to get the toy that she lost in the storm to get it replaced. This footage is at John and Aventer Gray's Warehouse through their Become the bridge Foundation. After Hurricane Harvey hit they so graciously organized relief for the people who lost everything. #BookOfJohnGray #TheBookOfJohnGray #HurricaneHarvey #houston #HoustonFlood2017 #Htown #OWN #LookAtGod #hurricanerelief #miracles #tvshows #realitytv #AventerGray #CydneyRax
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OMG I had no idea that I was included on some footage from John Gray World episode tonight. This was when the Grays opened up a Warehouse in Houston to help the survivors of Hurricane Harvey and we brought it to his attention how a little girl was given a toy that she had lost during the hurricane and we wanted Pastor Gray to know about that. I had no idea this was on. I don't have OWN channel. No cable stations for me. But I'm happy that my cousin recorded the show and took a picture. How exciting @realjohngray @grayceeme @becomethebridge #JohnGrayWorld #TheBookOfJohnGray #bookofjohngray #HurricaneHarvey #houston #HoustonFlood2017 #Htown #OWN #LookAtGod #hurricanerelief #miracles #tvshows #realitytv #AventerGray
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Love My Pet Day. Yesterday was a bit busy, but I didn't want to miss out! . You wouldn't know by looking at this picture, but I was kayaking right in front of my house. I was literally able to launch my kayak from my driveway. This picture was taken in Aug of 2017 when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and dropped 14 - 15 trillion gallons of water on Houston within a few days. . We were stuck inside our home for 5 days and my neighbors were running out of food. The water was rising higher and higher and getting dangerously close to entering the house. Luckily, @thirty7s_custom_apparel is a former marine, so we have many survival and camping things on hand. We packed this single man kayak with as many survival necessities as possible and each prepared "bug-out bags" for ourselves and two dogs. There was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY we would ever leave these two pups behind. They are much more than pets, they are family. 💗 . We are extremely fortunate that this 1,000 year storm (1 in 1,000 chance) did not enter our home. It was surreal to experience this tragic event, but it united the people of Houston and the US in a way that no one could imagine. 💗
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Happy 2018! New Year’s Eve fun...not. #HurricaneHarvey #Houstonflood2017 #flooddamage #moldprevention
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Several years ago I learned an important lesson about judging things based upon the outward appearance. In Houston there's a popular subdivision called Meyerland. And I have to drive through it every week to go to my post office. And I remember specifically looking at the beautiful houses and thinking "wow, these people are so lucky to live in this wonderful neighborhood." But then the Memorial Day flood hit and the whole area was flooded. And a few months ago Hurricane Harvey came through and devastated the area. Most people are going through hell and they cannot sell their houses. And I learned do not envy cuz you don't know what's going to happen. We don't know what's going on behind closed doors. Things may look perfect but you just never know. #lessons #HurricaneHarvey #houston #HoustonFlood2017 #Htown #envy #BehindClosedDoors #ThingsArentAlwaysAsTheySeem #Meyerland #inspiration #DailyInspiration #motivation #LookAtTheBiggerPicture #quotes #Politicians #FEMA #jealousy
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Welp, this is our home now. We have no idea what is coming next. We don’t know if the county is going to buy our property from us or how long it would take for them to do so. We don’t know if it’s going to flood again in that time. And we don’t know if we’re going to be be stuck with a Home we could never sell if the county decides not to buy us out. A friend of mine told me they changed the “100 year flood” time span down to a “5 year flood.” So, we sit in limbo in an unfinished house. I want to thank my really good friend @weekendwarrior79 for helping us out with a go fund me page a while back. He got us material for our home and clothes for Ellie. You’re just an incredible person and I can’t thank you enough. So, for now, we will enjoy the time we have in the house that my father and I built and keep our eyes glued to the river. I will miss this house for the rest of my life😢 #houstonflood2017 #huricaneharvey #botl #unfinished #home #goodbye #badluck
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View for the evening. Coming to you from temporary apartment Muse. Delay in the house rebuild timeline has made it necessary to get a small apartment for a few months. Team Muse sending thank you thoughts to so many of you for helping us through these hard times. ✌️❤️🇨🇱 #suckitharvey #hurricaneharvey #hurricaneharveysurvivors #hurricaneharveysaftermath #houstonflood2017 #htownholditdown #houstonstrong #thankyouhouston #thankyoufriends #thankyoufamily #grateful #weloveourfriends #weloveourfamily #peaceandlove #casamuse2.0 #teammuse
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