Half boots Collie is refined with elastic pure leather bands for an undisputed choice of elegance and a deep robustness. Variegated uses and exclusive comfort Price: $369.00 Read more Here: https://www.tattiniboots.com/product/collie
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Directly from fashion world, our Beatles equestrian version. With a great personality on its own or to be combined with chaps. Our half boots Alano will be with you in every sort of activity Also available in Brown Price: $339.00 Read more Here: https://www.tattiniboots.com/product/alano
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Pure and simple design, Beagle is the half boots choice with laces. For whom who wants to be different not forgetting quality and feet protection Also available in Brown Price: $379.00 Read more Here: https://www.tattiniboots.com/product/beagle
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Boxer’s brother, for whom who loves tradition with an original touch. Without laces, it has been reintroduced with an increased technical design project and a perfection stretched comfort Price: $649.00 Read more Here: https://www.tattiniboots.com/product/terrier
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The carry over of our production; our best seller ever! Signed with clean and curvy lines, Boxer is the elegant choice with a perfect adherence; the boots you have to own, no matter what Price: $649.00 Read more Here: https://www.tattiniboots.com/product/boxer
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Manufactured with the well-known grained calfskin leather, strong resistant and alluring at the same time. Realized for each kind of occasion, Breton riding boots are characterized by colored laces so to have a different dress each time Also available in Brown Price: $569.00 Read more Here: https://www.tattiniboots.com/product/breton
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