My beautiful doll rain has arrived :) #livingdeaddoll#lddrain#creepy#spooky #wierd#horror #creepydoll
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Stasera alle 23:00 una nuova puntata di #Wonderland 🚀 intervista a Jaume Balagueró, il regista spagnolo della tetralogia horror-thriller iniziata con [REC] 🚀 Cult: "Le terre dei giganti invisibili" di Giada Tonello, il libro vincitore del Lucca project contest 2017 🚀 Pop: i corti d'animazione candidati agli Oscar 🚀 la nuova rubrica "Destinazione Luna", la corsa allo spazio raccontata dalla Rai . . #Rai4 #serietv #film @balaguerojaume #horror #movie #sitges2018 @tonellogiada #comics #leterredeigigantiinvisibili #edizionibd #biancoenero #drawings #blackandwhite #Oscar #animazione #luna #moon
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I have a lot of thoughts about this book so prepare for a ramble! . First up, I enjoyed the actual ghost story aspect of it, it was creepy but I could still sleep after which is what I want from horror! I loved how the comic book tied into the story and the little bits of history about censorship and the CBLDF. . Now for the potentially problematic bits. . The book is set in a predominantly black part of New Orleans but all the main characters are white. Denise does befriend two black teenagers but I felt that a lot of the time they were a bit flat and only there to make "woke" comments about period poverty and gentrification. Denise tended to respond with very "not all white people"; "I'm poor too" reactions. . Denise and her family have been given a load of funding to renovate a building and turn it into a B&B. Funding which I doubt any of the local, black people could have got. They can also afford a lot of take out where Dom can't even afford tampons so their economic positions are definitely not the same. . I thought it was great that the issues were being talked about, especially since this is a spooky story for teenagers, but does the average teenager have the critical thinking to know that Denise is benefitting from institutionalised racism? I'm not sure she/her family really considered they could be having a negative impact on the neighborhood and it wasn't resolved enough at the end . I'd love to know what other people thought of this one? If you know any POC bookstagrammers who have read/reviewed this please point me in their direction? . . . . . . . . . #rcsreadsreviews #bookstagram #cheriepriest #tar#taraoconnor/a> #taraoconnor #theagonyhouse #ya #teenfiction #horror #horrorstories #neworleans
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Zal de mensheid 2019 overleven? Ontdek het vrijdag 24 januari @lab_111 bij onze Trashy New Year editie! 📼📼
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