8 boys, 11 years, 12 candles, 2 ear plugs (for mom) 😆 He said he wanted to game with his friends for his bday party. And while the gaming happened in our creative studio, we also found time to make music. Our studio has really come into its own with my whole family using the space and making ‘stuff’. I hope this is a new beginning where the cool house is our house, not because we have the ‘boy cave’ but because this mama has the best home recording studio with gear!
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In honor of the 1,000 inches of snow that we received today... here are some photos from our Va Beach blizzard last January ❄️☃️🐆 Photo Credit: ❤️@allisonrebekeh❤️ #757collective #757photographer #757models #757photosquad #pursuitofportraits #hopeshare #blizzard #modeling #snow
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& then the branch above me broke, giving me my own personal avalanche. merry christmas.
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I am craving Vegas and some warmth in my life again ☀️💗
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"Even if the wait carries on for another year, I will not get where I am going without first learning to be here." // Last night I was pouring out my heart to David, about wanting to be a voice for the voiceless, but ironically I've felt a little voiceless for over a year now. David's comeback stopped me in my tracks. "If you want to be a voice for the voiceless, you have to be voiceless too. How else will your story be impactful for them?" For over a year I've had a strong desire to write compelling stories through songwriting, but every single time I sit down to write, it's as if my expression won't cultivate. It's as if something is holding onto my stories not letting me express them, and I just collapse, shut down and don't even try for months on end. But God has called me to something deeper than being voiceless. He's called me to be bold and courageous in the creativity He has given me to best tell His love story. This is a big leap for me even just talking about this and being vulnerable in this area, but this desire to tell stories of the marginalized, misunderstood, all equally created in the image of God can't stay in silence any longer. My word for 2019 is 'Confident.' And I believe God has been calling me to be confident in telling these stories that I've been holding onto, buried deep in my soul for years. He's called me to be confident in my creativity even if my voice trembles. With that being said, I've committed to writing at least 6 songs that I'm passionate about and God willing, hopefully putting them together into an EP. But I need accountability. If there is something stirring you to cultivate it into existence, message me! I want to spur you on. I want to be in the thick of it with you. I want vulnerable community to lift each other up, and give feedback on how we can do better. Together. I'm terrified. Terrified that I'll fail, but I'd much rather try and take back my voice instead of hide in the darkness. Who's in? Please please reach out to me if this is something you want challenge yourself in with me! I'm yalls biggest fan. Maybe what you've been waiting for has actually been waiting for you to take action. 💛 //
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honestly don’t know where I’d be without these two 🥰
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a lot of cheesin’ for someone who’s lactose intolerant
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