We are away enjoying the sun and the sand for a bit BUT there are always ways to disguise homeschool opportunities to enjoy while on vacation! . Today we visited the Moody Mansion in Galveston, Texas. The architecture and history were amazing! . #hs #homeschool #homeschooling #yearroundhomeschooling #homeschoolinstagrammers #hom#homeschoolersstagram #homeschoollife #homeschoolmom #homeschoolers #galveston #galvestontexas
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Everyday as a mom is by no means perfect. . Yesterday was a huge struggle. I felt on edge, impatient and super irritated all day. I got onto my kids more than I enjoyed them...if we are being honest. I felt frustrated and guilty which is not fun. . I’m also just trying to balance the rest and relax with the new baby, and be a fun engaging mom with two older kids, all at the same time. . So in an effort to do that I picked up some snacks at @heb and we walked to a nearby coffee shop to enjoy snacks, coffee, and our Resurrection eggs. . I will say, despite a hard day, it was fun sitting with all three of my kiddos, sipping coffee, and reading the kids Bible, and mine on Good Friday! It felt good to really focus in with my kids on the sacrifice Jesus made for us, despite our flaws and sinful nature! . Just a reminder, Jesus knew you would mess up [often] as a mom, or just in life, and knowing that, He still chose to die for you!❤️
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We were happy to host a sweet gathering for two dear friends today. Praying for God's blessing on them and their family in this season of their life. How beautiful it is to see those you love seek the Lord in their lives, we're so thankful to have been able to help make this special day what they wanted. 🐚💚💒 #backyardwedding
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I'm looking to follow more #hom#hom#homeschool/a>! As a homeschool mom that felt alone when I first started, I want others to know they are not ALONE and have support from other homeschool moms and dads. 📚 To join in on this fun, just DM @russellslovinglife for the script and photo. 📚 Follow the #homeschoolfollow and whoever post under that hashtag. 📚 no follow/unfollow allowed . . . . . #allhomeschoolers #homeschool #Homeschooling #hom#homeschoollife #hom#homeschoolmom> #hom#homeedor #homeschool2019 #russellslovinglife #homeed #homeeducated #homeschoolfollowtrain #homeschoolfollow2019 #momloop #mamaloop #homeschoolloops #homeschool #homeschoolmom #homeschoolblog #homeschoolfamily #homeschoollife #homeschoolfamilylife
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I saved this picture last year on Good Friday from @ighomeschool.moms. . #sundayiscoming and what an amazing feeling to know that Jesus has risen to save us. . He loves us as we are, so much, that he sent His only Son to Die on a cross to save us from our sins. . I am so grateful for a God who loves me so much. Even though I fail Him He has never failed me. No matter what my God is always there for me! . Happy Easter my friends. May God bless you and be with you all. . “He is not here, for he has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where he lay.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭28:6‬ ‭ESV‬‬. . #eastersunday2019 #ourgodisalive
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She may be her mother's daughter... #giveusalltheplants 🌿💚 #lilybee 🐝
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Why do we do gifts for Easter? . You know that feeling around Christmas time, when it really feels like magic? When the energy and anticipation is almost palpable? That’s what I want for our kids around Easter. . I’m all for the de-commercialization of holidays, but often times due to cultural tradition, Easter is second rate to Christmas. When in reality, for us, it is everything. Easter means our freedom from pain. What we remember at Easter is what holds our future. Our purpose. Our hope and our redemption from this world. . Now I don’t go crazy - but in the weeks leading up to Easter we keep traditions. Ones that my kids remember and that I hope will mark their hearts. Their Easter baskets are usually full of things that they need like spring shoes, new sidewalk chalk, water bottles, and games - but they anticipate it wholeheartedly. . This is the promise we hold and the one that means everything : “Joy comes in the morning.” ✨ . . . #eastertraditions #joycomesinthemorning #happyeaster #familytradition #homeschoollife #homeschooljourney
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