🦋✌🏽R E A L ✌🏽🦋 . . . Lo más importante es cómo te sientes. Llevar en cuenta tu equilibrio. Reconocer lo que funciona en la vida y donde deberás poner más atención. La Salud física es consequência de la mental y emocional, también lo contrario es verdad. La Salud física no tiene nada que ver con estética. Primero ÁMATE, ACÉPTATE. El espejo es un buen amigo y eficaz herramienta. Mírate cada mañana y di a tu misma. “Te quiero (tu nombre).” Desde tu corazón, un querer genuino, un querer de alma, un querer de aceptación y protección. Nada te puede llenar más que tu propio amor por ti misma. Ama tu cuerpo, ama quien eres. Perdónate, siempre perdónate. Siente tu presencia y continua... 💘 . . . #selflove #acceptance #true #real #realwomen #magical #nature #balance #healthcoach #healthylifestyle #holisticnutrition #holistichealing #iamyouyouareme #selfknowledge #selfcare #barcelonaconsciente
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Hoy como cada semana traigo un postre vegano. Hoy quería variar del chocolate, y los he hecho de frutos rojos. Lleva tan solo 4 ingredientes, y todos se encuentran fácilmente en casa o en supermercados. ☀ Se trata de un mouse/natillas sin leche sin huevo de frutos rojos con coco. Esta receta lleva azúcar porque no solo era para mi o mi familia, pero si hubiera sido para casa los hubiera endulzado con sirope de arce o dátiles por preferencia. Aún así, le eché la mitad del azúcar que requería porque sino saldría muy dulce. . 🌱Mouse vegano de frutos rojos y coco🌱 Para unos 6-7 vasitos necesitamos: 🔸400ml de bebida vegetal (soja, almendras...) 🔸 300g de frutos rojos 🔸50g de azúcar u otro endulzante 🔸40g de maizena 🌙 Trituramos lo frutos rojos con la maizena hasta obtener una mezcla homogénea. Yo los frutos rojos los compro congelados, salen más baratos que los frescos y sueltan más líquido que los frescos 🌙 Añadimos la bebida vegetal y el azúcar. Echamos a una olla y mezclamoz con barillas hasta que vaya espesando. 🌙 Echamos en vasitos o cualquier recipiente y a la nevera. ¡Son muy fáciles! Si los haceis etiquetadme en vuestras fotos, me encantará verlas. . . . . . #plantbased #desayuno #desayunovegano #desayunosingluten #vegano #singluten #glutenfree #glutenfrei #glutenfreebreakfast #wholefoods #realfood #whatveganseat #dietavegana #comidasana #comidasaludable #chiaseeds #vegandessert #berries #veganfoodshare #veganbreakfast #vegans #nutricionvegana #nutricionsingluten #nutricionsana #nutricionholistica #holisticnutrition #healthynutrition #coconut #glutenfreevegan #vegansofig
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D A Y 5| doTERRA does not disappoint with the last BOGO of this week! I mean, really? OnGuard “protective blend” is used everyday in our house, on our bodies and in our diffusers. The hand soap is a natural germ fighter and the cinnamon/clove combo smells so good too! It’s in every bathroom of my home. Wow. I mean this is a product combination that is affordable and useable by everyone of all ages, walks of life and wellness levels. 👊🏻👍🏼💪🏼 Stock up for Christmas  or hostess gifts right here! Gift this to teachers the first day of school, your boss on national Boss’s Day, bring it as a shower gift to the next mommy-to-be, definitely slip it to anyone who works in a hospital and keep extra stock on hand for everyone in your life because this is amazing! 🎉🎉🎉🎁🎊 Anyone can order this BOGO and you can get up to 5!! So stock up!! To get wholesale prices: • Head to my.doterra.com/stacyamon1 (link also in bio) • Click “become a member” at the top right. • Select Wholesale Customer. • Follow the steps and add your info. • My referral ID is 5905108 if needed. • Select the wholesale membership or a starter kit (waives the membership fee and comes with free oils). • Add today’s BOGO (up to 5). • Check out and process order. 🌿 #essentialloveandlight #wellnessmama #kripalulove #lavender #mindful #holisticnutrition #holisticlifestyle #totalhealth #healthyandhappy #loveyourselffirst #moodfood #happinessis #soulfoodsunday #healthymindandbody #liveinthemoment #nourishyoursoul #nourishyourbody #healthbloggers #energyvibes #plantmedicine #livehappy #fuelyourpassion #progressnotperfect
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Babes in Business Ketchikan take-over 👊 Remember these holistic health coaches because these are the small beginnings of some mega big things in the making for them. Tonight was such a humbling and fulfilling experience to be able to just hang out, connect and spark some lifelong bonds with other people who just GET EACHOTHER. And this is only our Ketchikan tribe! I can't wait to meet all my other babes, I could cry. We vibe and gel and we share so many of the same interests and passions and coincidentally we all seem to have similar hopes, dreams, and goals for our futures. We're non-traditional and we have a different perspective of what success looks like. You don't have to work a 9-5 to make an impact in the world or your wallet. It's 2018. I know I needed swallow my pride and just hear it out in the beginning because in the beginning I dug in my heals so hard thinking, "oh it's one of those things, my family and friends will think I'm crazy". IMO, it's only "one of those things" if your agenda is to get rich quick and when that doesn't happen you quit. What about emotional revenue? What about educational revenue? The revenue a sense of community and comradary brings? What sets us apart is our mission and our heart. We are in this to make a difference in homes and communities on a global scale starting with our own. To have our kids look up to us and strive to support our neighbors just the same. We were all going to do all this anyway...why not get paid to do it and have some guidance and gain friendships along the way. I shutter to think of saying no to all of this after seeing my small island town grow leaps and bounds so quickly. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. <3 . . . . . #girlgang #girlganggoals #selflove #selfemployed #personaldevelopment #lawofattraction #manifestation #successfulday #bossmom #integrativenutrition #iinstudent #iincoach #holisticwellness #holistichealthcoach #holisticnutrition #fitspo #purposedrivenlife #beforeandafter #inspirationalquotes #wanderlusting #gypsysoul #digitalnomad #whole30 #healthchallenge #detoxify #plantbaseddiet #acaibowls #greenjuice #smoothiebowls #hiitworkout
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What’s better juices or smoothies? . Juices don’t contain the fiber that smoothies does. The fiber is there to make your digestive system work and to slow down the sugar response from the fructose. So when you take away the fiber the fruit sugar will act like a refined sugar and sends your insulin levels off the roofs. That’s why I tend to have only vegetable juices. And i only add half a piece of fruit if needed. However if you are trying to give your digestive system a break or are fasting juices might be a better option that smoothies. . . Smoothies are usually more filling because they are still full of fiber. Which means you can replace them with a meal and they also don’t give you the same insulin spike as fruit juices because they still contain all the fiber from the fruits. Also they are much better for people who are trying to detox a lot of toxins (especially those causing cellulite) as the fiber binds they toxins to them and helps you carry these toxins out through the digestive tract. . So as you can see there isn’t a definite answer to wether juices or smoothies are healthier. It depends on what you want them to do. . Hope this was helpful 🍏🥦🍓🍋🥒 #nat#nataschanielsena> #nataschanielsen #grateful #hol#holistichealthh #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #marbella #spain #marbellacoaching #marbellanutrition #vegan #personaltrainer #healthyfromtheinsideout #pcos #veg#vegantraveller #bioprint #hormones #det#detox #digestion #healyourself #holisticnutritionist #veganmarbella #vegantravel #juice #smoothie #detox
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This morning, I am buzzing from a wonderful night of celebrations with a couple that is very dear to our hearts. Last night was their henna ceremony, a beautiful occasion filled with lots of fun and laughter. It was one of those parties where the dance floor was buzzing and everyone was in their groove zone. It inspired the write up for today’s quote because when we open to gratitude, we realise how amazing life is and this brings us peace. There were so many people on the dance floor and the life of each individual is unique to themselves. Each person has their own challenges, their own triumphs, their own gaps in life and their own successes, their own joys, and their own pain. However, everyone that came on the dance floor, left their challenges and gaps to the side and came from a place of gratitude, whether that be gratitude for being part of the special celebration, gratitude for the friendships and bonds with those around them, gratitude for themselves and having fun. When we focus on what we do not have and on the lack of things in our life then we will naturally experience feelings of deprivation, lack and perhaps resentment. However, all the while we have things in our lives that deserve gratitude. It is a question of where we put our focus. It comes back to that age-old metaphor of the glass. It can either be considered half empty or half full and how we see it is a matter of perspective. The thing is, when we see it as half full then we are focussed on the emptiness and when we see it as half full we are focussed on the gratitude for what we do have. From the emptiness, we cannot create more because we are sucked into a vortex of negativity but from the fullness, we have a platform to create so much more. Today, we invite you to focus on the fullness of your glass. Examine parts of your life that you would like to develop and focus on the skills and resources that you do have to generate that development. There is always a fullness and if we use this as a resource, we can create and fill the emptiness, but if we focus on the emptiness as a resource then that can create nothing but more emptiness. Wishing you a Friday radiating with light xx
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🌿Harvest🌿 You have a big garden, a balcony or you are part of a community garden? Harvest...anything....and show your children real food, where it comes from and how it grows ☀️ . . . My son has been harvesting with his grandma - playtime for him - and was super excited to eat his meal 🙌🏻 . . . And harvest with ❤️ ...you’ll be nourished with good energy
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