7 DAY #RAWVEGANCHALLENGE STARTS IN ONE WEEK!! Hey guys!! Just under a week to go until we begin our raw vegan challenge on the 1st of March!! This is a great opportunity to be part of a community that can help keep you accountable and inspired as you fully embrace the #rawlivingfoods. Together we are more powerful and successful. For those who want to be a part, please go to my Facebook page Longevity Lifestyle Solutions and read the pinned post about what you need to be aware of for this upcoming challenge. The link is in my bio. Tag your friends, and let's do this!! #detoxification #fruits #healthandwellness #healthiswealth #holisticwellness #holistichealing #holisticwellbeing #cleansethyself #healthyself #foodismedicine #rawfood #alkalinediet #plantbaseddiet #gethealthy #rawfoodlife #healnaturally #healingwithfood #naturalcures #digestivehealth #guthealth #alkalinefood #healyourbody #selfmastery #rawvegan #detoxspecialist #healthandwellnesscoach #rawveganchallenge
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Who are your favorite plant allies? Last year I deeply fell in love with mullein, in awe as she covered the river side and mountain sides. She has helped me so much with my cronic asthma, weather as a daily tonic or an immediate support to open up my lungs and clear my chest. She sooths me from the very first touch of her green velvety leaves and tall, strong flowering stalk. She is gentile, yet strong. Mullein is so pleasurable to harvest and get to know♡ #herbalmedicine #herbalism #wil#wildcrafting #nat#nature #herbs #plants #plantmedicine #greenwitch #westcoast #mountains #humboldtcounty #lostcoast #california #love #goplay #wild #healing #support #river #selfcare #mullein #nature #holistichealing
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Did you know most people with fibromyalgia have food triggers that don't show up on food allergy tests? . Doing a food elimination diet was the turning point to living a better, more pain free life! . If you haven't tried one, I highly recommend it!!! . Start by giving up gluten, soy, dairy, vegetable oil, refined sugar, corn, eggs, shellfish, legumes, nuts and nightshades for 3-4 weeks. . Sounds intimidating? Start slow. Remove one or two at a time. It'll take longer to get to your full month but there will be less crashing, crankiness and cheating! . 5 Steps to Following An Elimination Diet . 1)Avoid the Most Common Irritants:  Avoid eating all common allergen/sensitive foods from the list below for about three weeks. . 2)Read Labels:  Be sure to read food labels and make sure you avoid even trace amounts of these foods. You would be surprised how they get gluten and dairy in all kinds of things you wouldn’t expect them to be in. . 3)Use a Food Journal:  It is wise to keep a food journal during this period in order to assess how you feel. This will be an important resource when you begin reintroducing foods in the future. . 4)Begin Adding Foods Back in a Slow, Isolated and Intentional Manner:  After a month, add back one fringe food at a time. Eat the fringe food daily if you are able to for 3 days and record your symptoms.  Look for any changes in your symptoms between the elimination phase and the reintroduction phase. . 5)Observe For Changes in Symptoms:  If you notice any symptoms returning after you begin consuming these fringe foods, than try eliminating that food again. Be sure that adding that one particular food was the only major stress on your body during that period.  If so, than keep that food out of your diet for at least another month before trying again. . Info via @drjockers
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🥑 + 🍅 and plenty of onions!
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The Healing Power of Salt! Take some of the Float Experience home with you with special formulated bathing salts! We offer several bath salts that can keep you feeling relaxed even when you can’t make it in to our spa 🧖‍♀️ #float #floattherapy #floatmarin #floatsausalito #sensorydeprivation #weightless #antigravity #epsomsalt #iampresent #relax #selfcare #meditate #meditation #innerpeace #selflove #peace #raiseyourvibration #rebalance #synergy #spa #spaday #treatyourself #justbe #heal #holistichealing #sauna #detox #bodydetox #nourishyourbody #recoverfaster
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Smoothie season is almost among us!🌿 Although we typically reserve smoothies for the warmer months, some “superfood” smoothies sneak their way into our kitchens in the cooler months too. Smoothies are just a really great easily-digestible way to get a high amount of nutrients into your body quickly and conveniently. We love visiting @jes@jessiemaysnyder’s feed for smoothie inspo and this was one that instantly caught our eye! “A vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant bomb that I try to nourish and hydrate my cells with most days ☺️🙏🏻. Smoothies are a wonderful delivery system for a variety of fruits and veggies in one meal. Plus they are great for vitamin and mineral drops, making it easy to basically make this one big multivitamin. 🙌🏻 • I get asked pretty often what my favorite ‘superfoods’ are, and I reply with ‘fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, whole grains, and legumes’. I don’t get a reply to this answer very often 😉 most likely I’m letting people down because they wish to hear of a magic-bullet-food that will fast track them to good health. There is no magic bullet. There is, however, living a life rich in whole plant foods daily, for the rest of your life. This goes along with moving your body, speaking nicely to yourself, and being in community with others. ❤️It’s a beautiful, delicious, and joyful lifestyle. One I hope for for us all. xx • My daily smoothly lately: 2 frozen bananas, very ripe 1 to 1 1/2 cups of frozen mango 1/2 to 3/4 cups frozen wild blueberries 1 spoonful of hemp seeds 1 spoonful of wheatgrass or barley grass juice powder (I buy from @pure_synergy) Any vitamin drops desired 1 glassful of water (or more to get moving) • Blend in a high speed blender, such as a @vitamix, using a tamper if needed (in order to not add too much water). Let blend until silky smooth, about 30-45 seconds once blending on its own. ✨Enjoy and feel nourished!” 📷: @jessiemaysnyder
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