Some nice Max Exit Velo growth over the last 2 months for our Sunday Morning High School Group. Season starts in 4 weeks! Train Compete Repeat @power_in_training @fullerhitting
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Wrist Flip Drill . This is a building block for throwing mechanics. It focuses on extension and direction. . Youth baseball leagues like Little League, Cal Ripken and Pony will be starting their seasons soon. I encourage all coaches to implement this drill when they are working on throwing mechanics with their teams. . For more FREE DRILLS like this one go to the link in our bio and check out our website. We also offer a Coaches Manual that is packed with 110 pages of great info. . || #bas#baseballtraining || #baseball
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Hitting instructor Fred Hanker has a real slugger on his hands! This kid crushes! Great extension through the ball!#baseball#hit#hitting#ball#crushing#swing#privatelessons#hittingcoach#professional#littleleague#calripken#train#training#fitness#softball#fastpitch#indoorfacility#battingcages#ondeck
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Arenado turning (pivoting) the barrel 👍👍. A thing of beauty. Also does an outstanding job of maintaining the palm up position of his top hand, so the barrel can travel through the hitting zone.
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I can remember walking to home plate in the Big Leagues hoping the pitcher wouldn’t throw certain pitches in certain spots...I knew I couldn’t hit them, but I tried anyway. That is an empty feeling. I’m sure there are players right now in the Big Leagues who share that same exact feeling. Big Leaguer or not, we all need guidance. I coach because I don’t want players to ever experience that feeling. Coach Mike Easler gave me the knowledge to walk to home plate with a plan and confidence that the man on the mound couldn’t get me out... and if they did, they knew that they were in a battle of a lifetime. Step into the box and let them know you are there! That old saying, “Show um where you come from” is so true. I was taught to battle... and battle to the end no matter what! Don’t ever give in, don’t fall back! Right back at um day after day, that’s how I want us to go to home plate! #42! 👊🏿 #BocaRaton @BRPawSox ‪Groundhog Day‬ Tournament champions! #CoachMoVaughn⁣ #CoachMikeEasler @methehitman ⁣ 📷: @eric093074⁣#brpawsox #baseball #baseballplayer
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I think @andrewbenintendi16 flys under the radar a little just because of the guy holding down the other corner outfield spot for the @redsox. • Watch how he leads with his back pocket and keeps his upper half centered over his body. A lot of young hitters confuse leaking forward with their top half or stepping in the bucket for gaining momentum towards the pitcher. • He also keeps his head level and still. The more head movement or tilt the harder it is to track the baseball. It's already moving at 90+mph with movement, why make it harder than it already is? #Repost @veloprobaseball • • • • • You aren't a true ball player if you only watch this video one time... A thing of beauty! @antonellibaseball #VeloPRO #Baseball #Hitting #Power #mlb #baseballislife #baseballseason #baseballswag #baseballlove #baseballplayer
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