Sometimes you just need to get the job done. ⁣ ✅ Left on Left⁣ ✅ 2-2 count with 2 outs⁣ ✅ RISP⁣ ✅ Kershaw on the mound ⁣ ⁣ Approach is cut down with a no stride. Allowing the hitter to stay short and simplify the approach. ⁣ ⁣ Doing whatever needs to be done to score the run.
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Strength training + plyometrics is an effective approach to build power, but it should not be considered a substitute for Olympic lifts. Instead they should all be combined in a periodized programming to maximize power in the baseball athlete. Make no mistake olympic lift variations are a huge tool to add to your power development toolbox. Check out this full video on YouTube or read the article on my website.
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❗️Get your team quote NOW❗️ What is your team doing this Winter to build their competitive edge? Spend your Winter with us and be sure to walk away with our Crucible edge that will allow you to smack any challenge right in the face! . Be sure to tag any coaches or parents of teams that we can serve! Three team package options: - Training - Hitting - Combo Elite
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Special athlete alert!!!! Huge shout out to my baby 👶🏼 savage Brayden Jagoe. Him and I started working together about a month ago... I remember him not saying much first lesson. Then Find out he wrote in a school paper that he wished he hit like he use to! So obviously mentally he wasn’t very confident on banging the baseball.... through hard work 💪🏽😤 and TRUST B started to mash during our workouts. His hard work built that confidence... last week he showed up to our lesson with a big smile 😃 on his face saying he hit 4 doubles over the weekend... then he started to talk more open up more, express his personality .. btw he’s 10 years old playing 12u ball 🤦🏽‍♂️ this past weekend in a 12u tourney ( check videos out) he hit a few more doubles 😛. Build trust with your athletes, with trust they will put forward max effort on what you’re trying to accomplish. Moral of the story hitting is very hard! Right off the rip we’re told we will fail 70% of the time... the great ones are the ones that can deal with that failure... #hitting #HittingCoach #Baseball #MLB #Yankees #Astros #baseballboys #baseballism #baseballlife⚾️ #TravelBall #NCAABaseball #WorldSeries #DbatTrumbull #DbatElite
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🔥ROBLES GAME 3 HR🔥 • ✅- I posted about Bregman’s simple load process the other day. Robles is another great example of this. • ✅- As I touched on the other day...I often post about the “meet in the middle-separate” load process, but this is because it can really help correct the common flaw of stepping & swinging (lacking any separation). • ✅- This super simple “stretch of the rubber band” that Robles has is an easier timing mechanism for younger guys sometimes who don’t have a “step & swing” issue. He just goes foot forward as the hands go slightly up and back. Typically the less noise there is in a load process the easier it is to get on time. • ✅- Once again his launch position is on point, from this angle you can see the front shoulder is down and in, and the bat angle is perfect...pointing right to the ground in front of the catcher’s feet.
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T spine mobility with our softball pitcher. Creating proper thoracic rotation is vital•SHARE THIS POST LETS INCREASE OUR FOLLOWERS ON THIS PAGE. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN • • • • #totdsp #naplesfl #bas#baseballhitting #swfl #naplesflorida #Sportsperformance #Highperformancetraining #planesofmovement #hittingpost #ftmyersfl #improve #strengthandconditioning #performance #hittingcoach #baseball #grind #work #fitnesslifestyle #functionalfitness #functionalfitnesstraining #tho#thoracicmobility #thoracic #stickmobility #sof#softballtraining #softballstrength #softballers #softball
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