RAMA SYMBOL.. 📿 Rama symbol is one of the symbols of Karuna Reiki. It means God or Lord Rama. To be able to use this symbol, one has to be attuned to Karuna Reiki. This symbol has two right ticks on the right side and left side. There is a spiral in the middle. The two right ticks are considered to be male and female energy. The spiral in between these two right ticks represents the bonding between male and female energy. This symbol is best visualized in Golden or Purple color. 🍁 Rama symbol symbolizes joy and happiness. 🍁 It creates a direct link to earth energy hence helps in grounding. It helps in grounding in all directions. 🍁 It helps cleanse all the six chakras- Brow Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar-plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra. 🍁It revives person’s chi and creates determination. 🍁 According to some practitioners, Archangel Michael’s presence has been felt when healing with Rama symbol, especially when ‘For The Highest Good of All’ is invoked. 🍁 It helps clear lower chakras issues. 🍁 This symbols can be used to manifest materialistic goals. 🍁 Draw Rama symbol on feet chakra to open feet chakra. This will bring more energy, enhancing your healing by directly connecting to earth  Draw the symbol on crystals to cleanse and purify the crystals. 🍁 It also harmonizes upper chakras with the lower chakras. 🍁Draw this symbol bring peace and harmony. 🍁Brings responsibility. Heal the person with this symbol who is irresponsible to make him responsible. 🍁Helps remove negativity from house, office, shops or any work/play place. 🍁Draw the Rama symbol on walls, four corners and at the center. Give Reiki for about 3-5 minutes. It will clear-off negative energies. This symbol is very effective in removing negativity. 🍁It also helps with backache and emotional blockages by balancing the energies. 🍁Effective for mental peace and unbalanced mind. #empath #shaman #spiritualvibes #archetypes #wic#wiccainstagram #witchery #witchesofig #wicca #starseeds #highvibes #spiritualteacher #spiritualadvisor #energyhealer #healer#holistichealing #positivevibes#archangelmichael #chakra#healingenergytools
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The best soursop I've ever had. Super sweet and floral with mild tartness. I saw a completely golden one which I've only seen in pictures. Very rare but it wasn't ripe. Next time I promise! This one has a yellow tinge I believe. 26,000 dong one kilo Or about $1
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