“…Isn’t desire always the same, whether the object is present or absent? Isn’t the object always absent? —This isn’t the same languor: there are two words: Pothos, desire for the absent being, and Himéros, the more burning desire for the present being." —Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse
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"And then I saw your face, You're turning skin into a dirty secret, I watched the beauties, watched the fire, and the fire burn the beauty in their eyes"
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Sometimes I think about posting more visually pleasing travel photos but I’m having fun pairing a “Rule” of Photography with a different lens everyday. For example this is not a composition I’d usually consider for a building like the Auckland Town Hall but when your theme is The Rule of Odds you have to be a little more creative 🤔 #dailyphotochallenge #gh5 #lumix1260 #lumix1260mm #composition #ruleofodds #theruleofodds #highcontrast #bw #highcontrastbw #lightroom #lightroomclassiccc
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