Live in the moment. Life is all about a series of moments that end up making your memories. Understand that and let yourself be... be in each and every moment and don’t get so caught up towards what may happen next. The fact of the matter is you can’t plan your life. It comes and goes, plans change, relationships end and begin, you graduate, the athletic chapter of your life closes (maybe sooner than anticipated) you start your career even if it’s not what you thought it would be and you begin to look back. It’s okay to look back and appreciate your life and what has come and gone, but if you get so caught up doing that or looking forward to what may come next you’ll miss the now. You won’t be able to make new memories, friendships, relationships, change your path or just appreciate where you are and how far you’ve come because you can’t let go or you’re wanting the future to be now. All in all, see how far you’ve come and give yourself some credit!! Life is hard and at certain points you think it won’t get better, but it does. You think you’ll be in this spot forever, but you won’t. The past came and went, the future is now the present and life will continue in this fashion. Don’t be so hard on yourself, and remember to live in this moment... the NOW... and embrace it no matter what it may look like. - God Bless🙏
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I can’t wait for you all to see the amazing shoot I did with @chris_kaufman yesterday hehe HMU: @celesteblandon @heymantalentagency
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You don't have to be perfect, you just have to express your raw vibrations. Let your aura do the talking 💫✨ • • Creative director :@nicotheselflovegoat • 📸: @juliusbryant • • • #self❤️ #lifestyle #WarriorGoddess #TheRoyals #TheRoyalCourt #BEtheGOAT #athlete #fitness #thegoodvibetribe @betheg.o.a.t #aura #528hz #heymanmodels
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We have to have Emotional Intelligence in order to be able to differentiate what we see and what we feel/know to be true. You’re wondering, “WTH she talking about now”. In Lehman’s terms, we cannot be so caught up in our emotions about any situation , so much that it starts to make you doubt what you know for sure, I.e. your gifts, your faith and whom you place your faith in, your worth, your self-love, etc. Having a strong and stable EQ can help you from wavering against your perceived truths. When we get shaken, we must return to our roots and ground ourselves like trees so we may return to our heights and flourish. #namaste #EQ #talkingstick2018 #groundyourself #rootchakra • • • Creative director :@nicotheselflovegoat • 📸: @juliusbryant • • • #self❤️ #lifestyle #WarriorGoddess #TheRoyals #TheRoyalCourt #BEtheGOAT #athlete #fitness #thegoodvibetribe @betheg.o.a.t #desire #beGREAT #multifaceted #heymanmodels
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Next time you catch yourself feeling less than uh-MAZ-ing about your stretch marks, remember that nobody else is painted the same way you are ⚡️🐯
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