It’s summer time! That means family adventures and probably some long car rides. So we want to know: Dads, you can only keep one road trip snack, which is it? Comment below! ⤵️🤘🏽🍫🍎 #dadsofwayne #dadsofwaynenetwork #down #dadstuff #family #detroitdads #areyoudown #fatherhood #helpmegrow #D2TB #dadtothebone #podcast
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Bringing your husband to the coaching conference with you? • I think so. • This is the lifestyle we have dreamed of since day 1. So heck yeah I brought him with me! We may not be exactly where we would like to be overall, but we are where we want to be right now! • The best way to become the person you want to be, is to act like that person even if you aren’t quite there yet. That’s what I’m doing. Faithing it until I make it, if you will! • Time, location and financial freedom are things we hope to live fully some day soon. This weekend has done a great job at showing us exactly what that’s going to feel like! Grateful for this passion of mine and all of the wonderful opportunities it brings. Good things are happening y’all! • What are your big scary dreams?! Are you putting them out there and living into them today? If not, you totally should. Best feeling ever!!
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I need your feedback!!! Will you use the link in my bio to follow past my website over to my Etsy Shop and tell me if you like the old look of my Etsy shop or the new look (I changed things a bit because some peeps thought my banner and logo didn’t match who I’ve become as an artist). Swipe here for a reminder about the old look 👀. And it MUST be honest and open. I want to create things your eyeballs LOVE ❤️. That’s what it’s all about for me...color play and beauty 🌈👗👠💋 #logodesinger #needalogo #brandingdesign #helpmegrow
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Antoine Griezmann🇫🇷
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Boat trip day out🛥❣️
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