Loved having this crew for the week in the desert! Lots of miles hiked, a ton of calories consumed, many giggles had, and numerous minutes floating in the California sunshine ☀️ I couldn’t have asked for more! There is nothing I love more than being a mom and having a full house ❤️Missing the chaos already. . . . #palmdesert #palmsprings #joshuatree #ryanmountain #springbreak #hiking #activevacation #healthytravel #familyvacay #familylife #momlife #desertlife #collegelife
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🐔 Rise and shine 🐔 in #palmsprings - The @bebalancedretreat is coming back and it’s time to plan ahead and book your spot (November 7-10, 2019). Enjoy this capture for moments from the retreat here at The Monkey Tree Hotel. Link in bio for details. (The last bit of the video is the rock wall - chime in if you see your rock!)
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Oh coconut water how you are my savior in this heat! ☀️🥥🌴Ever wonder why nature designed coconuts to only grow in tropical climates? The incredible hydration and electrolyte profile makes coconut water a perfect daily staple when you’re sweating buckets 😓. Thank you Mother Nature! _____ Ok so YES coconut water is also high in sugar (please stay away from ALL sugar added coconut waters you buy in a grocery store!!). But for me, in this hot moment, I’m ok with these natural sugars along side all of the healing powers. After all... I AM supporting and eating local too 👍🏻Do you love coconut water too 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻🥥
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• GOING NUTS • The whole way through my juice detox @moinhosvelhos last week I told myself I could gorge on all my favourite foods as soon as I got home - I was thinking sushi, pizza and burgers. But I hadn't factored in how much your stomach shrinks from fasting, or how strong the urge is to stay healthy after completing a detox. I've been snacking on stuff that I would usually consider laughable: rice crackers, nuts and veggies. I'm still swerving coffee and fizzy drinks in favour of fruit juice (yes, more fruit juice!) and coconut water. It's just a shame the coconut water here isn't served in king coconuts shaped like Mickey Mouse like it was @anantarakalutara 🌴🍹
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This time of year kicks off the travel season. . . . Keeping our gut health in check while out of town is key to enjoying ourselves. . . . One of our go-to supplements here at the Centre is RESTORE. . . . RESTORE is designed to balance gut health, support respiratory wellness, combat environmental exposures, promote immune function, enhance mental clarity, and promote hydration. It is naturally gluten-free. . . . Insider tip: Buy one for you and each family member so everyone stays healthy on the go. . . . Link in bio to purchase. . . . #springbreak #guthealth #travel #familyhealth #travelguide #healthytravel #livewell #healthandwell ness #supplements #centrespringmd
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Made some new friends today
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Client Malibu called and wanted a snack basket that would be cohesive in his three homes and private plane #nbd ✈️ We had two extensive taste testing sessions where we sat, tasted, and rated each item that I curated based on his taste, functionality, and preferences. Together, we came up with this very happy basket. This is one of my favorite wellness curation projects I’ve ever done. A big thank you to all of these brands who helped me place this very special order ✨ tap for the brands #wellnesscuration
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⚓🧘‍♀️Fitness trifft Yoga 22.09 bis 01.10.19 #meinschiff2 Mittelmeer mit Salerno + Fitnesspaket + +Yoga Paket + #fitness #yoga #pilates #cruise #spa #sport #hea#healthyel #healthy #mittelmeer #mallorca #salerno #tuicruises #travelblog #travelagency #tuireisecenter #booking #followus #cologne #instagram
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