Family fall festival in La Quinta was a blast. Planned to go there for 2 hr & spent 4 hrs😀. . I got to eat an in-N-out burger - I loved it😋😋😋.#hungryformore #inandout - Spent some time at the petting zoo, chose the 🐷 & chased him the whole time. I was told, I can’t lift him, as he is too heavy. Small like me, but too heavy? 🤔 . My favorite part was seeing my friends & jump in the jumpy house w Emma @danielabolun 😍. We got our faces painted 👌🏻🕷🕷🕷😀. . I am looking forward to coming next year to this festival 😍#lqfallfamilyfestival #laquinta #festivaloutfit #inn#innouter #innout #aboutfamily
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Tonight my son skipped eating his veggies, ate all his sweet potato fries and then played with the rest of his food. . While I would’ve loved for him to eat better, I’ve been reciting a mealtime mantra to help reduce the worrying. . Use the link in my profile and head on over to ‘my mealtime mantra’ blog post to hear the simple words that keep my mind at peace and the worry at bay. . . #feedingbaby #feedingtoddlers #feedingfamily #feedingkids #healthyfamilymeals #mealtimemantra #healthykidsmeals #momlife #dadlife #kidsmeals #tod#toddlermeals #healthytoddler #healthytoddlerfood #toddlermeals #babyledweaning #childnutrition #toddlernutrition #babynutrition
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Have you got 10 minutes? These little toddler muffins are so easy to make/bake! Throw all ingredients into food processor: 2cups rolled oats, 1/2cup shredded coconut, 1/4cup flaxseed, 1/4tsp himalayan salt, 1tsp cinnamon, 3 large eggs, 2 very ripe bananas, 1/4cup melted coconut oil, 1tsp vanilla bean paste, 1/4cup organic honey. Once blended then use a spoon to gently fold in 1 cup fresh blueberries, I use a mini muffin tin👌bake 180 for 10mins....yummy! #toddlersnacks #toddlermuffins #hea#healthdler #health #mumswhobake
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Today my husband smoked a turkey. We had an early Thanksgiving dinner. I’m feeling so grateful for him today. He is an amazing cook, I mean really amazing but not only that. HE DOES THE DISHES!! I know right? Too good to be true. He’s definitely a keeper. I’m having a little Truth or Dare game going in my stories so come play for a chance to win $25 store credit. #dylbugdressup
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Ok these might look weird AF, but they tasted incredible. Imagine making kale chips. Then make them into a legit patty and drizzle them with @traderjoes green goddess dressing. You’re basically winning at life. And you literally can’t feel bad about crushing 3 of them because they’re basically just a big vegetable. Amiright? 😏
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I am grateful for a child that loves his smoothies, even (especially?) on rough days. This one: banana, chia seed, hemp seed, almond milk yogurt, shredded wheat cereal, frozen zucchini, frozen collard greens, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, coconut water.
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🦃Thanksgiving is this Thursday! 😳😍We’re going to spend the day with my sister’s family (the rest of my family’s in Korea). We’ve signed up for our very 1st turkey trot with Caleb, and we’re just super excited to surround ourselves with great company and delicious food! 👪 —— Let’s briefly talk about the Thanksgiving meal. So last year, Caleb was 10 months old and we actually didn’t gather around the table until 7pm or so. We kept him up bc we so wanted him to be a part of this memorable occasion, but he was sooo ready for bed 😅. He tasted some turkey and roasted sweet potatoes and that was about it. I was also very wary about his sodium intake so I roasted various vegetables to offer him throughout the day —— I have a feeling this year is going to be quite different. I want him to get a plate of ALL the fixings! I’ll just make sure he has minimal sodium for his other meals 😉 . . . . #blw #babyledweaning #blwideas #babyledfeeding #kidfriendlymeals #healthytoddler #toddlerfood #toddlermeals
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