A round of applause for your damn self!! We sometimes forget the word"and" We feel either or.. Yes you can heal and be in a healthy and sustainable relationship. You can heal and still love Yes you can have a whole life outside the title of "mom" or "wife" What is limiting is our thoughts and environment. I see you sis.. your glow is radiant. I love despite all, you know and understand that pleasure is your birthright.. This post is not for everyone. This is not survival mode this is thriving in real life. Rp from facebook #hea#healinggy #healing #healingjourney #HealthyRelationships #beforeIdo #lovelanguage #sel#selflovejourney #bla#blacksextherapistarizona #sexuawellness #blacksextherapistarizona #selflovejourney #com#communicateb4cuming #couplesgoals #communication #communicateb4cuming #balance #mindfood #mindfulness
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I always have to remember this. My girls are so intuitive and perceptive. I see how they watch me and others. They know what people are feeling even when they are trying to hide those feels. My oldest will ask, “are you ok?”, and the second kid will apologize quickly when she sees even the slightest look of disapproval. The worst is when the sense my irritation. I don’t want them to take those emotions on so when I see then notice I do my best to change it immediately. I don’t mean just a fake grin or pretend look, I mean I really change my entire attitude because it’s that important to me. I don’t ever want them to feel like they are a burden to me or that I don’t want to be with them . I have those moments as we all do where I just need a second to gather myself but they should know it’s not about them. So I keep in mind that they are watching and picking up in every little thing changes of time, or facial expression and that helps me reel myself in. . . . Do you find your girls to be perceptive? Leave comment below👇🏾. Tag a girl mom friend that has a perceptive daughter. # . . . Share/repost if you’re digging this message. . . . #momthewarrior #emotionalintelligence #mothersanddaughters #cultivatingchildren #healthyrelationships #nomoretoxicrelationships #peacefulparenting #mindfulparenting #beintentional #intentionalparenting #intentionalmothering #motherhood #momofgirls #girlmom
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Being kind to each other starts at home. Arguments, conflict and disrespect between parents can shatter a child’s security. It incorrectly teachers them how to treat others and how to deal with disagreements (big or small) in a negative way. Put your children first, even if that means making difficult decisions. 🧡💛💜🖤 #respect #childrenarethefuture #childrenneedtheirparents #parents #parentingquotes #parentsupport #securityblanket #bekind #love #healthyrelationships #parentsareteachers #childrenshouldcomefirst #difficultdecisions #actionsspeaklouderthanwords
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People assume I must never have drama or conflict in my life (because I know better, right?!). I even get stuck in this identity or thought process of being a conflict specialist, and as a result I feel super guilty when I am anything less than perfect 😓. I’m not just a mediator or a conflict coach though, I’m a human daughter, wife, and friend. ⁣ ⁣ Most days I have to see the irony in my feeling anxious about not always handling conflict well. Because really THAT’S CONFLICT. It’s not always pretty or how you want it. Your brain is doing its very best through adrenaline bursts, emotions, expectations, unresolved past issues. ⁣ ⁣ Conflict is ever-present and it won’t always be smooth sailing. Even with everything I know about conflict I still have buttons that get pushed that make it impossible for me to be on my best behavior. But I TRY when it’s important, and I swallow my pride when necessary, and I OFTEN follow up on heavy conversations so I can say what I really meant when I’ve had some time to process. (That’s the beauty of life- you can keep trying!) ⁣ ⁣ The thing about conflict is- it’s there. It will always be. Our relationships are all unique and we don’t always have a great idea or example of what the “right” conversation would look like. ⁣ ⁣ When it’s a relationship that’s worth it and crucial to you, doesn’t it deserve your best try? 🤔
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