✨He said he like it "natural, actual, factual" Naps and shit, bougie, still do ratchet shit✨
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Hey guysss! Finally have a video uploaded on this look! Click the link in my bio to watch it 💕 P.S. Check out my stories on how to earn an extra giveaway entry 💕💕
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after watching countless hair videos on youtube and instagram. i got so discouraged with my hair because i wasn’t happy with all the methods i have tried. i spent a lot of money on hair products and nothing but i was also a lazy natural (bad combination) 😬 last month i made the decision to actually start taking care of my hair, to stop 🛑 trying to mimic what people are doing and feeling overwhelmed. i wanted to change a few things including my mindset and to focus on health and not length. i actually made an effort to study my hair, learn what products are best for my hair, and to try new things. last month, i created a routine and i actually stuck to it. i had to take a step back and reevaluate and go back to the basics. just hair grease and black castor oil for my scalp. change shampoos and conditioner. i can honestly say the results now are way better than before. i love my hair so much more. the thought of rocking an afro is really exciting to me now. im trying not to write a book 😂 but what i am trying to say is don’t feel discouraged if you’re struggling with your hair. maybe what you’re doing now is not working, just try something else. don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money on crazy hair products. there are a lot of diy things you can do for your hair to be healthy. drink lots of water and be patient as well. okay bye 👋🏾 oh and HAPPY EASTER 🐰 #curlyhair #naturalhair #curlyafro #curlycurlsfordays #curlygirl #curlygirlmethod #curlygirlmovement #curlyhaircare #curlyhairgirls #naturalhaircareproducts #naturalhairgrowth #naturalhairjourney #naturalhairstyle #naturalhairstyles #healthynaturalhair via @SmarthashApp
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