**ANNOUNCEMENT** ⬇️⬇️ I haven’t really shared anything before on this page about my life outside of modelling, but as someone who is extremely passionate about health & wellbeing, I became a cofounder of @fit@fitnutrition.com.au a couple of years ago, an innovative new health & sports supplements retailer in Australia -and what a cool journey it’s been! I credit my ability to not only just handle - but THRIVE with a full-on lifestyle by consciously taking care of my mind and body every day. For me, a largely organic plant-based diet works well for keeping my health and energy levels in check - and I supplement with a high quality plant-based protein to ensure my protein intake is on point. I’m so excited about the direction the industry is going in, and love the new Plant Protein by @ruleoneproteins 😍 - Pea Protein - Watermelon Seed Protein - Pumpkin Seed Protein - Sunflower Seed Protein - Complete Amino Acid Profile - Absolutely Nothing Artificial!! And for today and tomorrow only @fitnutrition.com.au is having a SALE, and this baby is 15% off in stores and online Australia wide. Take care of your body - it’s the only place you have to live 🙌🏼
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A healthy body owns a healthy mind. 💪 . Photo by @elladphoto MUA by @makeupbylilysandoval Model @vegannorwegian #model #photoshoot #fitness #veganmodel #vegannorwegian
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