Truth bomb 💣 if you want things to change YOU need to take control and take the steps necessary to make that change. Coaching for me was that change I needed. Not only because I get to help others realize their strengths and accomplish their goals but because it’s helped me: 🙌improve confidence 🙌find my courage 🙌holds me accountable How amazing is that!? As a coach I get a front row seat while helping inspire, motivate, and empower women realize their best self. We are on boarding and would love to have you join our Tribe. Drop me an emoji and I’ll share the deets. 😘 #healthymindset #leowife #toddlermomlife #blessed😇 #momof4 #youcansitwithus #learningtolovemyself #ivegotyourback #depressionsurvivor
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JE FOND 🤤 devant cette recette colorée comme je les aime 😍! Je vous ai réalisé un AVOCADO toast rempli bon nutriment 🥑! . Petite recette santé, facile à réaliser avec les bons pains de @stonemillbakehouse !!!🥖 . La recette se trouve évident sur mon BLOG depuis hier soir! N’hésite pas à t’abonner pour avoir toutes les exclusivités😏🥳!! . Bon mercredi! . Signé A. . . #cuisinelentement #boulangeriestonemill #fabriqueavecsoin #bloggerlife #foodblogger #bloggerfood #foodie #foodiemtl #foodbloggermtl #mtlbloggersquad #hea#healthyfoodie #healthyfoodblog #healthyfoodinspo #healthyfood #healthymindset #recettesante #mangersain #wellnessjourney #wellnessfood #foodwellness #avocado #avocadotoast #veganrecipe
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Have you got your crystals ready for the Full Moon tonight?! 🌕 I do 😘 Placing your crystals outside or on a window ledge that receives the full moon light at it's highest & fullest point will cleanse & charge your crystals. You can also set intentions out with them 🙏🏻 I hold them while visualising my intentions before placing them out to charge.💖 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #superwormmoon #wormmoon #fullmoon #fullmoonmagic #fullmoonritual #crystals #cleansingcrystals #crystalhealing #divinefeminine #empath #itsthelittlethings #gratitude #gettingstrong #iri#irishmom #Healthymindset #loa #thesecret #mindfulness #youdoyou #irishhealth #momlife #momblogger #irishblogger #irishmom #discoverunder5k #motherhoodunplugged
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Had the craziest nightmare morning. 🚙 As I was dropping my mom & cousin off the the airport this morning the brake light on my car came on... after a few minutes the the brake pedal become less responsive. I worried about the car braking down on the motorway, crashing, all sorts! Luckily I managed to drive there safely and got there in time. Family checked in all good, I said adios! Next thing I called up AA to tell them the problem... they told me I wasn’t actually a driver named on the policy 😕 So I found a nearby garage who offered to help me despite being fully booked! BUT I had online classes to teach... I hate letting people down, so I explained the situation to the garage and they said they’d wait for me to finish my classes and fix the car when I was done. Despite all the drama this morning and only having 3 hours sleep last night, I’m feeling super grateful. . Grateful that me and the family were safe. . Grateful to the garage for helping me out. . Grateful to have a job that I can do it from anywhere in the world! When life throws an obstacle into your path, don’t focus on the problems. Take some time to think about all the things to be grateful for and soon enough your path will become obstacle free 🤗🙏🏽💫🌎
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Books that inspired my wellness journey 📚... “The Planet That Wasn’t,” by Isaac Asimov, is a collection of his essays from the 1960’s and 70’s and they are completely mind blowing! 🤯 One that really grabbed me was his piece on dietary cholesterol. Before I read it a few years ago I simply never really knew that we humans produce our own cholesterol and don’t need any in our diet (in general). . Asimov in the 70’s makes the connection between eating animal foods and atherosclerosis, as well as saturated fats increasing and most unsaturated fats apparently reducing cholesterol levels 📈📉. . Reading this really influenced my supple mind already leaning towards veganism. Cholesterol is such a hot subject of debate- and such a source of eating related stress for so many people. I thought, fuck it - Cut it out completely because I don’t even need it anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️. Eliminate the question of how much is too much, stress of dietary decisions, and any worry about cholesterol levels ever again. . The decision was logical for me and my already shifting worldview allowed me to make the jump, but for others it’s not so simple. People need to come to decisions on their own and have to be supported in making changes in their own way 👍🏻. Amazing book.
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