Kickin off the 3 day weekend at OTF! I think I push myself too hard sometimes. Check out my stats! This is the most I’ve burned ever at OTF! 😳 #otffostercity #fitmama #gettinbackatit #9monthspostpartum #fiercewomen #fearlessmama #fiercemama #doitforyourself #doitforyourfamily #begoodtoyourbody #youonlygetone #lifeofapharmacist #fitpharmacist #healthyhappyfit #strongereveryday
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The weekend is an EXCUSE, you’re an EXCUSE, you are not at Home... EXCUSE, you don’t have the GYM... EXCUSE! - So glad I stopped letting my EXCUSES rule my life and take away from my health && happiness. - Weekends away, are not an excuse when you can take your virtual gym anywhere you want. - I CHOOSE to hustle and take care of ME while my toddler gets her beauty sleep. Because taking care of ME is just as important, so I can be my best for her!💕💕😘 . . . #naptimehustle #busymomma #healthyhappyfit #mommalife #toddlerfashion #teamriseabove
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Purple sweet potatoes sure do look pretty in my breakfast hash #veggielove #purplesweetpotatoes #kalesuperfood #bfast #vegetarian #vegan #healthyhappyfit
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Since May 7th, I’ve lost 6.2 lbs and feel amazing! Would you like to know how?
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Ok I need help! This year we are road tripping to our annual COACH summit with some awesome ladies! It's going to be too fun, I can't wait! Two years ago when I went to my very first one in Nashville, they held a special party for those who earned it, a private concert with BILLY IDOL!😍 The year after that it was a Masquerade Party in New Orleans! I love my job! ❤️❤️❤️ Anyway this year it is STATE FAIR themed! What does one wear for that? Any suggestions or pics would be much appreciated! 😊
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~ ARE YOU STILL ON THE FENCE about this new program?? . ~ ARE YOU STILL THINKING THERE IS NO WAY THIS WILL WORK for me?? . ~ ARE YOU THINKING THIS IS JUST ANOTHER GIMMICK/FAD DIET that hit the market?? . Well here is just another reason why 2B Mindset is perfect for YOU!! . 2B Mindset is all about your relationship with food and how you perceive food. This is what Ilana Mulhstein has to say about making a boring salad super inviting, “Salads don’t have to be sad! With 2B Mindset you'll learn how to make big, yummy, crunchy, filling and satisfying salads. This program will not only change your mind about veggies but it will also teach you how to enjoy all your favorite salad toppings and still lose weight.” . *** I don't know about you, but I love salads, but choosing the right toppings and dressing can be difficult if you don’t want to sabotage your diet. 2B Mindset teaches that salads can be a wonderful and fulfilling meal, if you understand how to create one with the right ingredients. . There's still time to JOIN me on the road to becoming HEALTHY, HAPPY, and FIT for summer! Comment ⬇️ if you think your ready to make the change!! . #onthefence #newprogram #2bmindset #relationshipwithfood #changeyourmindset #enjoyyourfood #noguilt #loseweighthappily #makehealthychoices #makebetterchoices #healthylifestyle #thisisnotafad #thisisnotadiet #healthyhappysummer #healthyhappyfit
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I knew there was a damn good reason 😜😜 #singlegirl #superhero #imacatch #healthyhappyfit #whichoneami #gottolaugh
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