8 simple practices to be healthy: 1. Be sober and balanced 2. Live in the open air, sun bath. The Sun and the fresh Air will be your doctors. 3. May your food be simple. Dont eat in excess. Drink pure water. 4.if you dont feel good, fast till you do. 5. Help nature but dont force It. Let nature cure you. Doctors and medicines just help nature acomplish its work healing you. 6. Breath consciously while walking. 7. Take time to meditation everyday 🙏 Swami Sivananda #siv#sivananda #healthytips #healthydiet #yogaandhealth #breathconsciously #yogatips #letnaturecureyou . . Ocho prácticas sencillas para disfrutar de salud. 1. Se sobrio y equilibrado 2. Toma el sol, vive al aire libre. Báñate con agua fresca por las mañanas. El sol y el aire serán tus médicos. 3. Que tu alimento sea simple. Nunca comas en exceso. Bebe agua pura. 4. Si no te sientes bien, ayuna hasta que mejores de nuevo. 5. Ayuda a la naturaleza, pero no la fuerces. Deja que la naturaleza te cure. Los médicos y las medicinas tan solo ayudan a la naturaleza a llevar a cabo su labor de recuperación. 6. Cultiva una vida, pensamiento, acción y conducta rectos. 7. Respira consciente mientras caminas 8. Dedicas unos minutos a la meditación en silencio. Swami Sivananda. #salud #saludymeditacion #vivirfelices #sivananda #consejosdesalud #estilosdevida #yogaysalud
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Midsummer meal 🥂
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Master Chef - Nickby edition 🥂
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There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them. Loosing weight you got to work hard of it; which involve discipline of yourself by regular exercise & healthy diet. My journey of lossing weight since 18 June 2018 as you know when you have kids; specially 10Lbs babies; it normal your body will have big change from size 6 to size 14. Which you either healthy of that size or not. You got make decisions what is healthy for your own body. Honestly, I am retired model for years; so not been though about healthy diet until one day; you are not feeling welling & realise that you got to do something about it. Which now hope to go size 10 not size 6 though as not planning to go back as model because I am happy as role model for my kids. ❤️😃 So, If you not happy do something about it if you cannot do something about it then let it go & be happy! #sunrise #eastbournebeach #diet #dietjourney #positivevibes #positivethinking #motherhood #motherlife #bodychange #motivational #coaching #consultant #instaquote #subscribe @princesswindsor.co.uk @pkwindsor #healthydiet #regularexercise #loveyourself #beyourself #rolemodel #mumpreneur
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