“working on that summer body” 🤮🤦🏻‍♀️🚫 ... I actually hate the idea that working out has to mean losing weight. As much as I would love to lose the fat on my triceps and on my love handles, I don’t work out for a body type. I work out because I’m a better version of me when I do ☀️⠀ .⠀ I love going to the gym with some @toneitup routines and hitting up @soulcycle because they put me in a better state of mind. My body is more energized after working out, and turning up the resistance builds mental strength 💪🏻 .⠀ This year in preparation of summer, I challenge you to make your fitness goals not about losing weight but making it about a state of mind. I want to be stronger both physically and mentally, and that’s what I’m after... aaand if I can lose some extra couple pounds of body fat, that’s great too but it’s not my end all be all goal 🤷🏻‍♀️💛⠀ .⠀ 🌿 SUSTAINABILITY TRACKER 🌿⠀ 👉🏻 Total Knockout Pants by @victoriasport 👈🏻⠀ ✨Purchase Date: June 2018⠀ ✨Times Worn: many times 😂⠀ ✨Versatility: great for gym sessions but too tight for comfortable cycling ⠀ ✨ Sizing: I wear XS but it is a tight XS. Size up for a more comfortable fit ⠀ ✨Quality Status: it has held up against friction well and has thick material! It’s made out of nylon and spandex⠀ 📝#SustainabilityByClaire⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #victoriasport #trainlikeanangel #victoriassecret #nyc#nycfitnessblogger #fitnessgoals #toneitup #toneitupnutrition #tiuteam #studiotoneitup #tiuapp #tiugirl #strongertogether #soulcycle #soulfam #soulpeoplearethebestpeople #weighttraining #nycfitnessblogger #newyorkfitnessblogger #sustainablefashion #ecoconsciousfashion #ecofriendlyfashion #sustainableathleisure #athleisure #athleisureforlife #summerbodyinprogress #whyiworkout #healthyandstrong #effortlysspresets
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Tonight for dinner we had Pasta Bolognese using the recipe on the @ww.uk app. It worked out at 9 sp per portion and was really good. #ww #myww #wwfreestyle #wwfooddiary #wwuk #wwukonline #food #fooddiary #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #weightwatchersfreestyle #motivated #wellnessthatworks #healthy #healthyandstrong #homecooking
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I remember being pregnant and thinking: 1) I'm so happy to have a reason to stop hiding my midsection/muffin top 2) Torn between wanting to eat everything in sight, and not wanting to put on more weight than was necessary, because I knew how hard it would be to take off after baby came. Can you relate? 🙋‍♀️ I got to a point where I desperately wanted to get back to my "pre baby" weight after baby. I tried a "Diet" that was so extreme and scared me from wanting do do anything with Nutrition and Meal Planing ever again. It was hard to follow, exhausting, my family wouldn't eat the food, and I failed miserably after 6 days. It took me YEARSSSSSS before I thought I would try any kind of nutrition program again. But I saw other people having success, still eating their favorite foods 🍕, not starving, or eating just salads 🥗 all day. I knew that exercise would only get me so far. Nutrition is 80% of being healthy and happy. So I tried one more time. And BOOM. Feeling Better, and Looking Better than I did BEFORE I even had kids. Using a system that FUELS my body, not starves it, and makes it EASY to follow, even with a family of picky eaters. Designed for EVERY stage of life (pregnancy, breast feeding, every day life) because it's not a "DIET". It's GOOD nutrition to help your body function AT it's BEST. Strong and Healthy. I can hook you up with this amazing way of eating, and we can work on it together. My new online Fitness groups Starts April 1st. You can focus on just nutrition, or combine it with an easy to do from home workout. Up to you!! Shoot me a DM and I'll get you the info, or drop an emoji below and I"ll send you the details so you can decided if its for you ❤️. #transformation #policewife #prebabybody #prebabyweight #nutritiononpoint #momofthree #familymealplanning #healthyandstrong
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Week 2 of #21DayFix coupled with intermittent fasting (16:8). Noticing incredible changes within such a short amount of time ... even with a few cheats on the weekend. #beachbodyondemand #fitgirls #womenwholift #healthyandstrong #fitforlife #thisis49 #yogateacher #barreinstructor #fitnessteacher #yogiforever #lovemyfitnesslife💟
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Bowl of Love for lunch💚 Fancied a green smoothie bowl so here it is ☺️: 100ml Coconut milk 3/4 scoop Unflavoured pea protein 1 tsp Maca 1 tsp super greens 1 big handful Kale 1 big handful Spinach 100g cucumber 2 stalks celery 150g frozen mango 1 handful Ice Small chunk of ginger ( for a little spice 😉 ) 1 medjool Date BLEND then top full of goodies🥰 • Woke up with a sore throat coming... Now body aches and head cold feeling is coming on 😒... pls go away!! I can’t afford to get ill ahh. • Hoping you’ll all feeling fabulous and if you’ve got caught up in this nasty cold/bug going around I hope you feel better soon! Give this yummy smoothie bowl a go to feed your body some nutrient dense goodness💛
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What does breakfast look like to you. This is mine 🥛😋3 years having my protein shake so so good and that white swirl is the best thing everrrrr. If you’re into lowering your body fat, especially your belly fat you need to know about it. This is what helped me get rid of my muffin top 🙌🏻Tastes amazingggg too 👌🏻 . . . . . . . . . #breakfast #morning #proteinshake #herbalife #goodstuff #thebest #health #healthy #nutrition #sogood #prolessaduo #fatburner #flattummy #fit #light #myresults #fitandhealthy #healthyandstrong
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