|You Craving Sweets 🍭 | 🤣 today is a big day for you. The day you accept sweets back into your incredible life. Sweets that help you feel energized and just so damn good on the inside . Now if you jumped on the old google and searched how to stop craving sweets. Here are some of the ridiculous answers. I’m putting them here so that you know how ridiculous those answers are (and then not search this again) . Here’s the real question. Why the f*ck aren’t you or I allowed to eat sweets? Who told us that? Who made us believe that? . Is there any freedom in avoiding what your body wants. Is there any freedom avoiding what your body feels? What you think? . And that freedom. Once YOU give it to yourself. Is amazing. It’s not just about the sugary sweets. But ask yourself this question . “Where else in my life am I avoiding what I want?” And...what is that costing you? . You may think that avoiding sweets is about getting that skinny body but I know YOU already know that getting that body won’t decide that you’ll finally be happy . It’s not the one thing you need to do to be happy. Freedom is one of the many definitions and ways to love yourself and be Happy right now . So. Are you free? Or are you restricting yourself from being free? ❤️love and truth -J __________________________________________________________________ #bodypositivemovement #selflovejourney #nourishnotpunish #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating #hae#haes #healthateverysize #healthynothungry #effyourbeautystandards #healthspo #selflovespo #bopowarrior #antidiet #dietplan #weightwatchers #menempowerment #beyourbestyou #bedrecovery #haes
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At least the US we tend to look at foods, diets, or supplements as either all good or all bad… ☕️ However, like most things the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle… ☕️ And no truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to talking about caffeine... ☕️ For one person caffeine can be a highly beneficial and positively improve brain cognition and other areas of the human body, while at the same time it has the power to create massive nervous system, hormonal & immune dysfunction in another… ☕️ This is why on today’s #CabralConcept 921 I want to review the “caffeine cortisol connection” to separate fact from fiction and show you how much may be beneficial and at what time in order to maximize effectiveness without as much downside - Enjoy the show! (Link in bio) ☕️ Specific Show Notes & Resources: http://StephenCabral.com/921
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Everyone thinks that brown rice is healthier than white rice, but it may actually be harder for your body to digest. Via: @oualidzaim
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Whether you’re planning a party, cooking dinner for friends or heading to a restaurant, the subject of dietary requirements is one that comes up often. How do you deal with it? #lunch #snack #diet #detox #hea#hea#healthyh #health #healthy #healthyfood #healthylife #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthyeats #healthybody #healthspo #healthylifestyle #healthychoice #hea#healthymeals #healthydiet #healthymeal #healthyfoods #healthjourney #healthandwellness #healthyvegan #healthyfoodie #healthgoals
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It's our most popular smoothie, and for good reason! The Big Green features three veggies, two fruits, and one fantastic superfood – Moringa – which provides about 90 essential nutrients and a dose of complete plant protein. What's your favourite superfood smoothie booster?
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Okay, back on a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been half-assing this whole thing lately and have obviously been getting very little results.. I just need to commit to it fully and start working out harder.
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