Finally getting to a point of loving myself without a mans help. That may seem small but for me that's a big deal. A huge step to a healthier life. . . #singlemom #loveyourself #ididit #healthierme #happy #dontneedaman #gettingthere #sweaterweather #thursday #pnw #momlife
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11 Days Post-Partum • Current Weight: 67.9kg 3 days PP Weight: 75kg Final Pregnancy Weight: 78.5kg • I am happy with my progress so far. Everything is going as planned. But I didn't expect my stomach to shrink that fast for this pregnancy (as pictured in the orange dress). Bcos for the first pregnancy, it took me 1 month for my stomach to shrink to that size. • • Nevertheless, people has been asking me whether I starve myself. No, i didn't. I still eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not to forget afternoon snack. BUT, I chose healthier meals. With the help of N Buddy app by @nuhig , it helps with choosing the right food. • • And also, discipline is key. To follow through with a plan, you need to be discipline and consistent. It's alright to fall off the bandwagon once in awhile. Just take it from me. Yesterday, I was feeling under the weather. I ate my fav Indian Fried Bee Hoon Combo (hubby ordered) for dinner. But this morning, I went back to my healthier meal plan. • • How do you make your healthier meals enjoyable? Personally for me, I will eat what I enjoy eating. For example, I prefer fish over chicken. So, I will create a meal out of it. If you hate brocolli, then don't eat brocolli. Find a substitute for it. Something that you love eating, as long as it's healthy 😄 So that you don't feel the struggle of having to keep to your meal plans. • I'm no nutritionist. Just giving my 2 cents in what I personally feel works for me.
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#yum i really like this #udis pasta and sauce #foodporn #foodphotography #foodselfie #eatwell #vegetarian #glutenfree take care and show #respect for my body * #eattolivenotlivetoeat #slowdown #bepatient #enjoythetaste i decided years ago that i will not eat what i don't like but i also decided to eat facorites * #decidecommitsucceed #promisetoself . . Feeding the #muscles is best approached by pleasing the #digestivesystem #bodybuilding #fitness #health #balancedlife #bodymindsoul #enjoylife #laughoften #workoutstrong #healthierme #strongereveryday #betruetoyourself #honest #bestill
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DUMPLINGS -You ask and you shall receive! - - WHAT YOU'LL NEED: dumpings - -300grams protein (minced meat, soft tofu, seafood) - - 1 onion - - 1/4 cabbage (red or white) - - 1 spring onion - - 1 grated carrot - - minced garlic and ginger to taste - - 1 tablespoon of soy sauce/ tamari - -salt+ pepper+ chili flakes to taste - - 2 teaspoons sesame oil, one for the mixture and one for the pan! - - 1 egg if your mixture is very dry -i didn't need this - - dumping paper - you can normally find this in the frozen section with international food or fresh by yogurt bacon ect. - - - SAUCE - 1/2 cup soy sauce/ tamari - 1/4 cup of thick chili sauce/ sweet chili or 3 tablespoons of hot sauce - 1 table spoon of sesame seeds - - - METHOD: 1. Dice all veggie the smallest you can! 2. Combine everything but in a bowl and mix!. 3. Get your station ready, a spoon with your mix, a little bowl of water and a tray to place your made dumpings on! 4. Pick up a dumpling paper and place 1 small table spoon in the middle. 5. Wet around the edges and fold in half. 6. Using your thumb and fingers you make a pleat and push together. It doesn't have to look pretty just sealed closed! ( @YouTube has great videos) 7. Place on your tray and repeat! 8. Once you have finished the making process, heat sesame oil in a non-stick pan on high heat! 9. Place dumpings in the pan close but not quite touching, when placing the dumpings in the pan it should sizzle! 10. Reduce the heat and add three tablespoons of water and place lid on top! ( Takes about 3-5 minuets to cook) 10A. Combine ingredients for sauce - MIX 11. Let the water evaporate, remove the lid and let the dumplings brown. (30sec- 1 minute) 12. ENJOY! - - - You can freeze these if you make the full recipe! Make sure you freeze them on the tray not touching each other and then once they are frozen separate them into containers or snaplock bags!
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Ok, so here’s my selfie. Honestly? I hate it. However!!! I love that I can post it on social media for all of my followers to see and not care what anyone else thinks about it. Everyone knows that I’m obsessed with makeup. I dare you to go find a selfie on my page where I’m not in a full face of makeup. .......(you won’t find one). And in all of my pictures, people might mistake me for having confidence. But until recently, I had zero self confidence, even with a full face of makeup. Now I know I don’t need it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a full face of makeup over natural any day. Not because I think I need it, but I just like myself with makeup better than without. Before I gained some confidence back, I was always so afraid that people were judging me for everything. My weight, my face, my skin, my clothes....So I controlled the things I could control. I always made sure my hair and makeup were done. Hopefully to take focus off of my weight. And now that I’m in a good spot with my weight, and I feel comfortable and confident, I don’t feel the need to please others or entertain what they may or may not be thinking about me in their head as I walk past them in public. #sel#selflovelenge #selflove #lov#loveyourself #selfie #selfielove #ketoselfie #natural #naturalselfie #nomakeup #nofilter #selfconfidence #confidence #confidenceiskey #positivevibes #positivity #positivevibesonly #love #ketolove #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #transformation #healthierme #healthymindset
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I set my alarm for this morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to workout and get all sweaty and have to shower again. I didn’t want to have to blow dry my hair before work. So I gave myself 5 minutes to wallow in self pity of not wanting to do the things, and then I got up and worked out. #pd #nsv 5 weeks ago, I would’ve rolled my eyes at someone suggesting I get up early and workout before work. 5 weeks ago I would’ve told you I didn’t have time to workout and shower before leaving for work. Thankful for the changes this challenge group has brought me, and the ability to workout at home instead of a gym (#helloinsecurities), especially on the cold mornings! • • • • • #hea#hea#hea#healthylifestyle #hea#healthiera> #healthy #health #lifestylechanges #healthylifestyle #healthierchoices #healthier #healthyrecipes #healthyeating #healthieralyssa #ww #wwladies #shakeology #wellness #wellnesswednesday #wellnessthatworks #wellnessworks #inspo #fitspo #instaworkout #garageworkout #beachbody #healthytennessee #fattofit #fattofitjourney #weightloss #weightlossjourney
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Need suggestions! Currently I'm using this for my greens. It was a random tjmaxx purchase a few months ago and I have only recently begin using it once or twice daily. I like it a lot but it's not available in store. It's about $18 plus shipping to get it and it's not worth it. I need some suggestions from y'all! Help a girl out I'm just trying to be healthy. #health #healthierme #healthyfood #sendhelp #needsuggestions #greenfood #greenpowder #realgreens #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitlife #motivated #healthyfoodstruggles #neverlosefocus #nevergiveup #neverbackdown #brittinifit2018 #breakfastofchampions #protein #consistency #excercise #doitforthegram #alwayskeepfighting
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