After years of being at war with my body after my competitive swimming days had ended, I knew something had to change. One day last spring, I decided I was finally ready to get help in making peace with food and my body. It was truly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and it still is, but I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made. . A few months after I had started this journey I had a dream. A literal dream that abruptly woke me from a deep sleep feeling more energized than I had felt in months. I truly believe this vivid dream was a message from God. In this dream I was successfully coaching women in healing their relationship with food and their body image. . It didn’t take a long after this epiphany for me enroll in my intuitive eating counselor certification. Intuitive eating is a self-care, evidence-based framework that teaches people how to make peace with food and respect their bodies among other related principles. . As of last night, I’m officially a certified intuitive eating counselor. Cliches aside, I truly believe that every struggle I’ve experienced has given me purpose and pointed me in this direction. . Website/blog and 1:1 coaching services coming soon. ❤️ . #intuitiveeating #haes #healthateverysize #ditchthediet #antidiet #selflove #selfcare #loveyourself #bodyacceptance #bodykindness #bodyrespect
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Who else is part of the ‘Granny Club’ going to bed before midnight on a Friday night + waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ • I’m SUCH a morning bird & find early hours to be peaceful. My routine is slow + I tend to find that I crave movement in the mornings - usually munching on a piece of fruit before a workout. • This morning I woke up RAVENOUS + knew a piece of fruit wasn’t going to cut it today! Instead of judging and ignoring that hunger, I took a moment to thank my body + walked to the kitchen to munch on a savory biscuit from @moon.maidens.delights. Was it uncomfortable? Yes. Was it delicious? YES.
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Repost from @beyondadresssize This poem just hit me in the feels and I thought I would pass it along ❤️#healthateverysize #edwarrior #bodykindness
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Day 6 Intuitive Eating FYI, I lost 3 lbs. Yesterday, I did not track my foods at all. I felt a mixture of anxiety over this, and also relief. Which is a weird mixture. Like a swirled lollipop. I feel like not tracking what I eat, not counting calories….might …. be….gah…….omg….. AMAZING. In 2B mindset, you also don’t track calories. That felt a little too scary for me, so I always ignored that rule. But it’s entirely possible that I can try it again today. Maybe maybe not. We shall see. Here’s my take so far: I like this. I really like this. #healthateverysize #positivebodyimagemovement #feelinggood #play #pleasure #eatingforwellness #selfcompassion #wellbeing #intuitiveeating #rejectdietculture #freedom #goddess #feelingbeautiful #2bmindset
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Its an oatmeal and lots of coffee kind of morning. 🥣🍌 . Got all my usuals in there. @furtherfood collagen peptides {use code PURELYGABRIELA10 for 10% off your order}, @quaker rolled oats, vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, @mccormickspice cinnamon, stevia, a pinch of pink salt, and topped with @chiquitabrands banana🍌, a huge spoonful of roasted almond butter and @naturespathorganic paleo maple grain-free granola. 😋 . And for my #FunFactOfTheDay : Oats are a great source of fiber and beta glucans, which are a phytochemical that may help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. 🙌🏻 Super cool, right? One more reason to increase your consumption of oats during the week!
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#Repost @sashaeko ・・・ This. Wise words of #ntozakeshange . One of the most brilliant writers of our time. A brilliant woman of color.❤️Deeply grateful for her life, and reading her words in the 8th grade. #restinpower #brilliantblackwomen #womenofcolor
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SELF-CARE⠀ ⠀ What is something you are doing for self care this week? This month, this year? One big thing I added was an updated mattress. It’s seriously changed my life and my back! Sleep is so important Queens! We need our beauty rest! ⠀ ⠀ Comment below with what you’re up to for self care, because I have FOMO syndrome.
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