I normally don't watch TV but in the past 3 weeks, I've been binge watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix and OH EM GEE!!! Why didn't I watch this earlier!! I fell in love with @hereisgina and all the other characters who star in the show. I love how Jane wants to keep her virginity sacred till she gets married....but THEN she gets accidently artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant! Like what?! And just the whole love triangle keeps me at the edge of my seat. This show has got me feeling all types of emotions and I can't get enough of it. Season 5 comes out in a few days! YAY! This American Telenovela has opened my eyes and showed me that I LOOVEE ROMANCE sooo much! 😍 and I'm so grateful that I get to capture the love of many couples. My heart is so happy 💗
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✴ Bold, Beautiful, and Bulging 💪 (I wish I had as big a collection of @andrewchristianintl as @unclenunu143 had 😭)
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