How are there only 22 more workouts left in this program?! Already debating what to do next! Repeat or change it up?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . I’m such a planner - I like to have everything planned ahead of time! Sometimes that’s a great thing, but sometimes it bites me in the butt! 😬 . . If your doing 80 DO what is your plan after the 80 days are up?! And please tell me I’m not the only one that plan their lives way too far in advance?! 😋 . . . . #alwaysplanning #spraytanner #fitnessjunkie #happygirly #goodmorningyall
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Cardio flow got us like..... . . Pushed through the hard and made it happen today! Probably the fastest I’ve ever gotten through this workout 💪🏼 . . It’s always a treat being able to workout with Emmi!💞👯‍♀️ . . Are you working out today? . . . . #bossbabe #womenempoweringwomen #bosslife #coachlife #itsalifestyle #doingitforme #itsajourney #collegeweightloss #teamstronglifestylefit #happyhealthyhumble #flowercityfit #80dayobsession #collegefitnessjourney #car#cardioflowishardio #cardioflow #cardioday #workoutfromhome #workoutwithfriends
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There’s nothing better than starting your morning off with a sweat session and taking care of yourself. It sets you up to have a clear mind and more positive day. Exercise, good nutrition and taking care of yourself isn’t just about the physical changes and how you look. It’s also about a mental shift and becoming a better wife, Mom, sister, friend, coworker, etc. I’m setting myself up to have a great day. Are you? 🤛💗#happyhealthyhumble
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Are you an early bird 🐦 or night owl 🦉? I have NEVER been a night owl. It takes everything in my being to not get drowsy when the sun goes down. I accomplish so much more during the day when I wake up early and usually don’t have a hard time waking up. Today I woke up just fine... it was 30 minutes later that I was wanting to go back to bed. I didn’t go back to bed.... I crushed my Tuesday morning workout and am ready to tackle the day. So, who are my night owls and early birds? #80dayobsession #postpartumfitness #momboss #earlybird #nightowl #happyhealthyhumble #breastfeeding
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Looking back to where I started my journey 30 days ago, I’m astonished at how far I’ve come. . . I have always struggled with being a bigger person. And living in a college town for 5 years I managed to let myself go and thought it was the norm. It wasn’t until we moved and I knew I needed a new change, it took me a few months before I started putting everything together. But the past 30 days when I found accountability, motivation and a community of women pushing me that I knew this was it! . . This is my story, but it’s nowhere near over! My lifestyle change is a lifelong journey and I’m looking for others to join me. If you want to start your health and fitness journey with me, message me!
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Day 2 of #80dayobsession complete which was #bootyday and man is it burning! 🔥🔥🔥
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Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live. Do one thing every day that scares you.
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It’s not easy when your body wakes you up at 2am and getting 4 hours of sleep.. especially when you have a long day ahead! . . Coffee, energize and more coffee it is!! . . Have a terrific Tuesday!! . . Fun fact: today is the international day of happiness! 😁☀️ . . . . . . #bossbabe #womenempoweringwomen #bosslife #coachlife #itsalifestyle #doingitforme #itsajourney #collegeweightloss #teamstronglifestylefit #happyhealthyhumble #flowercityfit #80dayobsession #collegefitnessjourney #internationaldayofhappiness #coffeemug #coffeeislife #runningoncoffee #thebebrand #morningfuel
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