“Happiness lies in eating mindfully. Be in the present!” (Photo taken by me while enjoying evening tea and Bun maska (bread butter) in near by cafe) Good morning friends! How are you? Hope all is good with you. I am also good. Today this beautiful morning I wish to share this very beautiful thought with you. Mindful eating. If you focus on eating 🍽 your food and just observe it, it is called mindful eating. This helps you keep your mind in present and also improves your digestion and nutrition. Many of you have the habit of working on your laptop 💻 or read 📖 something or watch something on TV 📺 while you eat. This not only disrupts your eating but also causes lot of stress on mind and body because you don’t focus. Body reacts to the thoughts it harbour. If you don’t focus while eating your digestion gets disturbed. Many a times you end up eating more than required causing overeating. This then manifests into hyperacidity, stomach pain and other diseases related to digestive system. So leave everything aside my friend and enjoy your meal. Just enjoy each and every morsel how the taste flows in mouth. Don’t worry about your work or don’t dwell in past or future thoughts. Just be in the moment and enjoy your food. If you wish to understand various aspects of life, watch my videos on understanding different aspects of life and making it better on my YouTube channel “Dr.Girish Speaks”. The link is given below: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCUttu58DSVyAd6RYTirVCgw Follow me on my official Instagram account: www.instagram.com/dr.girishgaikwadofficial/ Follow my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/dr.girishgaikwadofficial/ Follow me on Twitter on my official account: @drgirish3187. #lifequotes #lifeskills #drgirishspeaks #doctor #youtuber #lifespeaker #successquotes #failuretosuccess #lessonoflife #vipassana #meditation #motivationalquotes #happinessquotes #happinessisfree #loveyourself #eatmindfully #beinthepresentmoment #enjoyyourfood
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