I love this handstand thing, I don’t have to think of a pose or stand there awkwardly 🙃
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This shit right here took everything I had. I’ve been trying the beginning part for 3 days a few times each day. This was randomly first try during dinner. Who knows! Either way exciting 45 seconds of history for my life that I’ll forget about before the weekend ends. Keep on loving life and who’s cares about what you can and can’t do, just keep on doing what you love. I’m thankful I have @lindsay__richards Gaia and Barley to always remind me of that .
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I’m still pretty far away from completing scorpion 🦂 without the wall. But damn! I’m totally stoked about this! Since I started working with @kimtangyoga my practice has been lit! I started working some of her drills in September of 2017 and I can’t believe how fast Im progressing. Hopefully within the next year and a half I’ll be able to bring it off the wall. That would be an epic trip! #totallystoked #kimtangyoga #scorpionpose #feettohead #kimtangclan #yogaposer #yogapractice #yogadude #yogadaily #ijumpoverthemooninyourhonor #andbythewayiloveyou #asana #lit #igy#igyoga #workinprogress #yogafun #tenminutebackbend #backbending #handstand #handbalance #scorpionhandstandpractice #usayoga #igyoga
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Come start your long weekend off right with a nice sweaty power vinyasa flow :) @elements_hot_yoga at 4:30 ! Be there or be ◾️ (cause you won’t be around)
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Tiz the season of long days and pretty sunsets once again. Excited to get back into making pretty pictures :) - 📷: @hayleenymanyoga 😘
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