First of all, how awesome are @tod@toddlerhaircreations and @bra@braidinmanhattan for taking over Feed Follow Wednesday for me?!? I just love this community so much and feel so lucky to be apart of it! After the usual struggle to choose a winner we have finally decided that Abby deserves the crown this week! These spacebuns are just gorgeous and I am always in awe of her ability to do these styles on her own hair! So make sure to go over to @ways2braid and show her some major love! And while you’re spreading the love don’t forget to follow @braidinmanhattan and @toddlerhaircreations !! . . . . . . . #hairinspo #spacebuns #lilblondielovesspacebuns #hairinspiration #hairstyles #hairstylesforgirls #braids #messybun
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#throwbackthursday to C and E. You’ll see on this page that the headband braid is a crutch for us. A go-to. The way thing. C LOVES her hair curled or “wiggly” as she would say. Every once in a while we branch out and try something new, but we always come back to this as it has never failed us in getting those front baby hairs pulled back! Are boy styles something you would like to see as well? We don’t do much, but may be worth trying!
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Never satisfied with how short my hair is 🤔 so I went shorter 😎 I love it ✂️♥️
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