Hey guys! So I realize there a bunch of new followers and it’s been a hot second since I’be done a #fridayintroductions so here we go with 5 fun facts about me! • 1)I love slapstick humor . Jim Carey you just always get me . • 2) Even though I grew up on steak and potatoes I have happily transitioned to being vegan and only wish I would have done it sooner. • 3) I was never a huge flower person until we lived in Japan where they take flower arrangement to a new art form. Now I’m obsessed. • 4) I’m a Libra and while I don’t jump on board with what the latest horoscope may say I do how find astrology very interesting (when you take into account nodes, meridians, etc. • 5)Our fur babies are our world . Bently and Fredrik both joined our family from the San Diego Humane Society • Swipe through to see some shots from Beauty Changes Lives Experience Show because when I’m not doing bridal I’m probably doing something else funky and creative. ... ok I guess there’s 6 facts... • Share a fact about yourself 💕
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Video pending.. Keep an eye for our IGTV later today.
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Alfaparf EOC ile inanilmaz degisim 🤩 EOC benzersiz performansi ve olaganustu kaliciligi ile sac renklerinin mukemmelligini garantiliyor 🏆 oncesi icin kaydirmayi unutmayin ;)
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#flashbackfriday 2 years ago... ▫️ ▫️ It's almost time for me to get a protective style and I dont know what I want to get.. ▫️ ▫️ thinking Havana twists or Marley twists... 🤔🤔🤔 #mommode #protectivestyles
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