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This is how today’s wod left me Inhaler in one hand and 🖕🏼 with the other 😂🤮 • • • • • • #progressionnotperfection #cro#crossfits #gymgirl #wod #crossfit #crossfitlife #wodofdeath
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A little transformation Tuesday for ya - before marriage // after marriage 😜 Just over a year difference (left photo was March 2017 and then right is May 2018) Feel like my shape has definitely changed and thickness too 🙌🏻 Clearly just another protein deficient vegan over here 🙋🏼‍♀️ Funnily enough I probably felt leaner and “better” in myself last year to this year but I think that’s purely because I was fuelled by wedding cake in the run up to this years holiday 😅😅 #notgonnalie Tomorrow I’m going to post a little on my new goals for the next few months and how I’m planning on training! Any questions let me know 🤗🤗
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