Had such an amazing weekend 🌷🙏 only positive vibes, people I love & endless fun 👌 Hope you guys enjoyed yours, too. XOXO . . . . . . . #guyswithstyle #positivevibes #love #friends #enjoylife #party #fun #berlin #letsmakeachange #bekindtooneanother #kindness #twink #twunk #muscle
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Ready for the week......end 💎 📸: @lhoycel
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I’m afraid of losing myself. I don’t want to think about what’s gonna happen next, I can’t. It weakens me ; makes me cry. I’ve come a long way from where I was ; from who I was. I’ve known many who’ve proved me their word is of nothing ; I’ve known many who’ve rubbed my name in the dirt, but here I am : promising myself I won’t betray myself again. I get sick thinking of possibilities and how it can break me. I’m not ready for the pain despite my experiences. Its funny cause I’m not scared to be broken either. I’m just tired and shattered - but I don’t want to call myself “broken”, labeling myself as a thing brings me down to feeling like a “thing” and well? things are meant to be broken, no? But that’s how I feel and I respect that. I respect how I feel, what I feel & why I feel it. I still am sortaaaa afraid, but I can no longer let it control me : what I think, what I should think, how I want to live, why I should live. I’m entitled to feel this way, I’m entitled to feel “not so okay”. I won’t allow myself to believe the voices in my head ; it’s not me who’s speaking. I’m fucken afraid and that’s okay. I can come out of my fear, I can stop listening to the voices in my head too, right?! I can be weak and I can be strong. I’ll be afraid but face my fears. That’s probably what it takes to be brave : to be afraid but have faith much stronger than fear. But wait, what’s faith? - It’s just past 9 & I’m fucked. And lost. // Shot by : @rebeccapownall
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Polo 👆🏻 Den er mere dresset end en T-shirt, men samtidig mere afslappet end en skjorte. 📷@frederikvohnsen #selectedhomme#aarhus#poloshirt
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