Mike and Alden on the @farmaid screens last night! This Mom/Photographer might have cried several times throughout the night with pride. Not only were my photos and family featured but also so many from my farmer friends and farms I’ve photographed over the years and I was so proud of each of them: amazing, genuine people who truly love to grow healthy food for their communities. Some featured were from my books with @smithmeadowsfarm #GrowingTomorrowBook, #GainingGround and #StartYourFarm, @the@thefarmatsunnyside, @56hooves, @ronnybrookfarm , @bellemeadebedbreakfast, @rappfarmtour, @thefarmatsunnyside, @stonebarns and more. I hope those there last night truly absorb the message from the musicians and staff of FarmAid: farmers need your support 365 days a year In so many ways. Not one person is immune from eating. Not a one. PS: we found out that Alden looooves dancing. He kept trying to get closer to the stage. When @davematthewsband started he might have yelled out asking him to sing Baby Shark (sorry, Dave), @nathanielrateliff and @johnmellencamp really got this kid clapping and dancing and at nearly 2 we’d say this was a sweet memory for his first concert.
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#FarmAid2018 ready! We’re at @farmaid together this year for Alden’s first concert - previous years I’ve had weddings to photograph! My images from #GrowingTomorrowBook and @stonebarns are up on the big screen rotating slideshow today, too. Third year in a row: such an honor!
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Another one of my favorites from #GrowingTomorrowBook by @smithmeadowsfarm. This was at @garciaorganicfarm in Southern California. The entire farm smelled ammmmmmmazing with the citrus and citrus blossoms. Such a beautiful family and story (pick up the book for the chapter!). We spent some time with them at the farm and then met up a couple of days later at the @smfms. If you think this looks delicious you should have tried it right off the tree. The best citrus I’ve ever ever had - I can still taste it! #heartwork #mollympeterson
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Throwback to that time this image was in the @wsj for #GrowingTomorrowBook by @smithmeadowsfarm. Photo of @ozark_forest_mushrooms_ : one of the most beautiful places I had the honor of waking up to: the pure immense serenity of the lake, dozens of hummingbirds, thousands of shiitakes, and truly genuinely wonderful people. There is a cabin available for rental at the farm. I’d recommend it if you’re looking to truly get away and unplug for a bit. A photo shoot I’ll never forget. #heartwork #mollympeterson
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Overhead from @nicholsfarmandorchard in Marengo, Illinois for @smithmeadowsfarm’s #GrowingTomorrowBook. His 3rd book: Start Your Farm by @theexperiment arrives in the coming week! Link in profile. #heartwork #mollympeterson
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Revisiting the amazing photography of @mol@mollympetersonphotographer in Growing Tomorrow 💕#Repost @mollympetersonphotographer with @get_repost ・・・ Sooooo many cherries. Picked by hand, folks, picked by hand. Agriculture may have immense technological advances but it doesn’t always (& shouldn’t) take the place of the human touch....ADDITIONALLY gratitude, appreciation, awe and support should be of high priority by anyone who eats (cough: that’s everyone) for those who bring food to their table. Photo from 2014 at @kiyokawafamilyorchards for @smithmeadowsfarm book Growing Tomorrow. #heartwork #mollympeterson #growingtomorrowbook #kiyokawaorchards
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Kale from @thefarmatsunnyside in Washington, Virginia. #heartwork #mollympeterson
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Baby veggies at Romero Farms in New Mexico for the book #GrowingTomorrowBook. #heartwork #mollympeterson #romerofarms
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