Who would love me like you did? There is nobody like him to me 😢 #griefjourney #griefshare #griefandloss #lov#love #life #lifewithouthim #imisshim #love #separation #griefwork #griefquotes #quotes #miss
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One of the ways to heal and grow is to step out of your comfort zone. To leave the house when the house has been the only safe place. To talk about things that make you fall apart. To open your heart even though it aches from being broken. To share your experience even though some asshole might dismiss your words or reply with some hurtful response. To get up and get dressed even though you have no where to go. To say NO when you are being coerced into saying yes. Stopping someone mid sentence even though you don’t want to come across as rude. Taking time off even though you feel pressured to work hard. Engaging yourself even though you don’t recognize yourself. Turn down obligations even though you feel guilty. Allowing yourself to let go of guilt. No shame. Breathe. Engage. Stretch. Reach. Open. Heal and grow. #grow #heal #engage #grieve #griefwork #griefawareness #griefsupport #griefpain #breathe #griefsucks #bereavementwork #reachingout #str#stretchyourselffurther #stretchyourself #engageyourself #dothework #openuo #loss #findyourself #beyourself #loveandloss #passingthrough #passingthroughlife #liveyourlife #honoryourself #grievingloss #grievingbacktolife #grievingmyway
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so where shall we start ? it’s all so overwhelming and energy sucking and confusing . trying make to make sense of this life. what on earth does permission to bloom even mean? your story is my story. there is no perfect life / family / marriage / scenario. we are all in this together. what is my story you might wonder ? (stepping into by vulnerability.. uhhhh) i burned down. the life i lived collapsed over me, in front of me, inside me - everything came down and i fell and shattered. i burned to the ashes and i went through a horrific divorce process. i lost my social network. i lost weight, i became a chain smoker to keep the anxiety at bay. my body reacted to what was happening internally. and then there was just the smoldering ashes of myself left. i sat in those ashes for month. i didn’t leave the house. i surrendered to it all. i just sat and let it engulf me - the loose, the grief, the dream, the love, the pain, the believe. within this mud something magical happened: i realized that i got another opportunity to choose and pick and redefine, rebirth myself. this mud was full of nutrients. in order to bloom i needed these nutrients i didn’t know that then, but at this magical moment i did give myself the permission to bloom again. it was the most painful and yet beautiful process. the most precious gift to myself!!!! i let it all go. no more holding on no bad feelings. no victimizing. acceptance of what is with the strong focus to rebirth myself. i ripped my life apart i questioned every aspect of myself who i am ? who do i need to become ? what is no longer needed ? what should i hold on to ? what does love mean ? how do i need to define friendships ? what boundaries need to be installed ? what about my sexuality? do i still love my job? what makes me thrive ? how and where do i want to live ? i trained as an end of life Doula stepped back into my photography world i am about to complete my spirtual life coach training i am going to combine my gifts and the things i have learned and i want to help you to live a more fulfilled authentic life. the time on earth is too short to not to . Your story is my story LETS BLOOM TOGETHER 🌸
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To say "I miss you" is an understatement. . 🕯 Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, and very personal. A memorial website is a perfect way to pay homage to a very special life. Create an Online Memorial for your lost loved one, share some memories, spend some time remembering all the little moments shared together. 🔗 Active link to our website is in the bio ➡ @forevermissedmemorials . . . . . #for#forevermissedrials #forevermissed #resteasy #gri#griefort #grief #greatloss #griefshare #griefwork #neverforgotten #sayinggoodbye #wewillmissyou #gonebutnotforgotten
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