Bloom • When you’re in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried. Perhaps you’ve been planted. Bloom. #christinecaine • I’ve most definitely thought this way. Haven’t you? • When life hits hard. When death steals are loved ones and takes with it an innocence and joy. When faith is rattled. When identity skews. It feels like it just keeps piling on: the loss, disappointment, heartache, uncertainty, anxiety, desperation, loneliness... and you’re left buried in a darkness. A heaviness. • Then a shift occurs. A change in perspective gleamed through a sobering word - kindness - and suddenly there is a glimmer of something beyond the darkness. • The power of thought over our lives continues to awaken us to seeing things new. When a thought passes our consciousness we get to choose to affirm it or challenge it. While it takes work, it is incredibly liberating to be confident in knowing that regardless of circumstances, we get to choose how to think and react to them. Acknowledging the dark places is a part of that. They don’t magically disappear because we can see the light. Rather we can choose to not succumb and be stuck in darkness. We can choose to see ourselves as planted, not buried. • Now to bloom... To experience a rebirth. To shed off the old, to rise through the muck and mire. To learn to live again. To learn to live in anticipation, in hope of new. That is the challenge. To not just believe you’ve been planted but to walk in the confidence that your life is not over and then choose to allow yourself to bloom in this new season of your life. . . . This poppin pic shared courtesy of @katedodge623 #bloomwhereyouareplanted #hope #hopeinthedark #hopeinthehurt #wid#widowsofinstagram #gri#griefjourney #griefthriver #griefandloss #grief #widowjourney #widowedmom #widow #intentionalliving #ahopefueledlife #faith #widowshelpingwidows #movingforwardinhope
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Prepared • Life prepares you...for the next season...and the next... It prepares you in the little everyday concessions and in the bigger gut-wrenching decisions. It prepares you as you are living day in and out, head down, striving hard to live well. It prepares you through heartache and love, through droughts and excess. • It’s pretty spectacular to look back over your life and choose to be aware of all the things that made you into who you are today. Spectacular doesn’t mean all those things were favorable but impacting none the less. • I never could have imagined that I was being prepared for being a widow and a single mom. Sometimes I feel betrayed by that and I have to take it up with my Creator. I’m grateful He welcomes my confrontation and at times, tantrums. Yet, over the past several years I can clearly see that the lessons I learned and character and faith refining that was taking place prepared me for this season. For that I find unexpected gratitude. . . . Six Months Out #ahopefueledlife #widowedmom #widowsofinstagram #widowlife #widowjourney #faith #hope #grief #griefandloss #gratitude #widowshelpingwidows #lifelessons #widowstrong #nothingiseverwasted #griefthriver #grievingprocess #movingforwardinhope #perspective #seasonsoflife #attitude #youngandwidowed #faithjourney
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{You are Their Legacy} • This is what I tell my children and what I remind my heart regularly. It doesn’t take away the yearning or the pain of the loss, but it is a courage booster. A sweet reminder that beautiful pieces of our loved one continue to live - and be experienced by others - through us. ♡ . . . #mondaykickoff #legacy #grief #ahopefueledlife #griefandloss #helivesthroughus #widow #movingforwardwithhope #wid#widowedlife #widowedmom #widowed #griefjourney #griefthriver #widowjourney #mondaymotivation #motivation #childrenandgrief
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Do you Journal? • For years - basically my entire life until about 6 months ago 🤦🏽‍♀️ - I refused to journal. People would go on and on about how important & wonderful it was but I gave it a hard pass! Why? Because I was terrified my inner most thoughts, my creative notions, my dreams/hopes/fears/desires would fall into the wrong hands and I would be exposed. Not that I had anything significant to hide but still... ALL of those things were MINE! I held them like a carefully guarded treasure in my mind. • The problem with all that guarding and the rolling around of thoughts in my mind was this: 1. Goodness was going unfulfilled 2. I wasn’t able to process and work through much. There is something cathartic about releasing things from the hamster wheel of your mind and “hearing” them out loud. If nothing else, to simply off load things that are heavy. • So how about you? Do you journal? . . . Banging Journal & photo via @peopleiveloved #journal #journaling #coolstuff #grief #griefandloss #griefjourney #widowjourney #takecareofyourself #widowshelpingwidows #release #wordshavepower #cathartic #expressyourself #daretodream #sayit #sayitoutloud #downandout #therapeutic #selfcare #healing #thriverthursday #griefthriver #thursdaymotivation
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The thing about grief is that it can hit you like a ton of breaks out of nowhere. You’d think that after 4.5 years (gosh, has it really been that long!) after my brother’s passing that I’d have my emotions in check. But the grief and sadness still come even if on the most random of days. . . I spent the better half of yesterday crying on and off. At first I was confused as to why the random outbursts of tears. But deep down, I knew. The frequency may decrease over time but the pain feels just as real as the day we lost you. . . So this morning I chose to be proactive and face it head on. I dove deep into some much needed personal development that I had been neglecting for way to long. I honestly feel way better. My mind is clear and my heart is full. . . Take care of yourself friends. We all have our own stories, our own troubles. Take care of your mind and spirit. It needs some love too. ❤️
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