I'll be on a hiking trip at this gorgeous place the next 7 days, in other words -- I'll be much less active on here til I get back 🌿💚 Persephone's Forest-- full version is at my print shop. https://2-michelle-williamson.pixels.com A pristine old growth forest with a spring fed lake. Please treat these places with the utmost care. Staying on the trails, cleaning our shoes/clothes and our dog's fur before hikes to reduce spore/seed dispersal from invasive city and suburb gardens, and applying a leave no trace- take nothing but photos policy can help so much. Many campers have carelessly set this forest on fire recently. Please be careful while camping. These old growth forests with high plant diversity are so delicate and easily disturbed, hence why there are not many places like this left. #naturephotography #pnwisbest #worldprime #pnwcollective #pnwonderland #neverstopexploring #naturetherapy #exclusive_earth #beautifuldestinations #exploretocreate #master_shotz #getoutside #adventurevisuals #discoverearth #artofvisuals #ourplanetdaily #greatnorthcollective #liveauthentic #theoutbound #wildernessculture #main_vision #agameoftones #natureaddict #natgeotravel #theNWadventure #stayandwander #cascadiaexplored #landscape_capture
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Had an awesome weekend, after Sugar Feast ( Eid Fitri ) flew directly to Berlin and drove for 3 hours to Zittau. Slept 2 hours and hiked some hills for whole day, such an exhausted but totally worth it. The most part was balloon flight on Sunday morning. Thanks a lot for joining Instahike Zittau #weroamzittaumountains and especially @simplysaxony X @germanroamers @muenchmax for good cooperation🙏🏽
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So much more to come
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What if a bad move doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person? What if we able to acknowledge a mistake without labeling the culprit as the mistake or, acknowledge the culprit without their mistake as their spot light. What once shone gold , now stands stagnantly cold - statue
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