Ok people this is how NOT to do business ! The customer service I received @canadacomputers was beyond poor . The man Abid that emailed me back has no place behind a desk without proofreading his work ! I myself suck at basic grammar but im hood af 😎 and I'm not the one responsible for responding to the corporate email account ...everything about my experience for a fucking 10 dollar price match is like nothing I have ever experienced in retail and I shop at @walmart sometimes 😂🤣😂 . At my work we have a $10 dollar rule everybody in the store has the right to adjust somethings price max by $10. MEANING someone can walk into our store and say " hey this is $10 at bestbuy " and we just look up the price and adjust the price that's it ...customer happy I'm happy . #retail #badbuisness #customerservice #grammarly @worldstar @hoodclips
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Shoutout to Grammarly for reminding me that despite having no life and writing every day, my grammar is still average. #grammarly #writing
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Here’s a great example of my #frugalliving nature. I don’t pay for #Grammarly, I don’t really pay for anything in fact unless I really have to. Instead every week Grammarly sends me my Weekly Progress Report and identifies common mistakes I make. However to learn more, Grammarly asks that I pay for the service. Instead I search them on YouTube and watch professors explain the problem for free. This is the very tip of the frugal iceberg but it’s a good thing to show.
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I'm on a life-long writing streak, Grammarly. I just downloaded you 41 weeks ago, that's all. #Grammarly
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