The saying on this shirt has been my motto lately. ✌🏼 . Taking it easy and just going with the flow. Is there any other way to do it? 😊 . . 📷: Amelie
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We were supposed to be on Frary Peak; that’s it in the distance. You say “What Peak? I don’t see it.” Neither did we ALL DAY LONG! No matter how positive we remained, that fog bank shrouded our intended destination until the coyotes howled at the moon! So we climbed up Buffalo point, played among the boulders and enjoyed the spectacular frozen 360 views! #gowiththeflow #roamnewroutes 📸 @nataliemarieartist
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⇥ There's too much pressure! ⇤ . Have you noticed how much pressure we put on ourselves and our loved ones? In our instant world I find myself getting frustrated when I don't see instant results. . I'm trying to remind myself that great results happen, because of a great process, a learning journey, a non-linear path. If I remove unrealistic expectations, how might I better respond to future challenges? . In lessons, I often see kids wanting to give up swimming because they think it's too hard, or it's boring, or they just had a bad day. We all love what we're good at, but things with big learning curves don't come easy. I love that swimming teaches us to be patient with ourselves — the journey — like learning guitar, riding a bike, or getting better at drawing may be tough going, but if you commit to it, you'll find infinite pots of gold at the end of the rainbow! 🌈✨ . I think we need to get back to finding joy in the process, accept where we are in our journey and stop comparing ourselves to others, relieve some of that pressure we put on ourselves and those around us, and lead by example, showing our kids hard work pays off. . Let's get there in our own times and rhythms, let's be true to ourselves and swim to our own beats! 🦀🐟🐳 . . . Illustration by @hallonatcarroll #justkeepswimming #freetobeme #nopressure #justbehue #beyourself #slowresultslast #inthedeepswimschool #relaxedswimming #gowiththeflow #thewaterisallweneed #slowdown #mumsofinstagram #learningtoswim #swimming #pressure #kidsswimming #littlelearners #kingsford
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