If I’ve learned one thing in life... it’s never expect anything from anyone or any opportunity, ever. Go with the flow and have hope even though it can be extremely dangerous, but in general, if anything... it’s safest to just expect the worst but hope for the best. Reality will always have it’s radical twists and turns, all we can do is be fluid and understanding. That’s all 🤗 #winethoughts #life #whoevenknows #gowiththeflow #adulting #thoughts
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What it was like coming out and showing the world the real me?! #nohairdontcare • Let me tell you it was not easy but it played a big part in my healing! For so long I could not accept my reality. I was always told to just accept my disease... But I couldn't and from that, I could not accept myself. I have memory's of people staring at me and pointing talking about me and my patches so my first post and coming out so to say was hard! But it was time I felt ready to show the world the real me and I was ready to meet others! • Facing your fears is never easy and trust me doing this was the scariest thing ever! I was putting myself out there, I was opening up to the world and as I know it can be cruel so I was open to harsh comments and mean key bord warriors! ••• But I was excited as I was taking the biggest step towards loving myself for who I am! No, I may not be accepting of my illness but I do appreciate what it has taught me. I am so grateful to be meeting others like me! As well as helping others reach out and share their stories! ••• So here are some tips if you want to share your story too. 💕be brave and be bold! Don't hold back rawness is key and so many people love it! 💕don't push yourself too much! When I say this don't listen to those saying you need to post every day... You don't go at your own pace. 💕what to post first... You could do an intro or just jump in and talking about you! 💕before you post your story think of how you will break it up?! Timelines help to talk about when / before it started to 😊 take us on a journey put us in your shoes 💕 . They are my top tips for now 💕 just please don't be impacted by your follow count ❤️ it is not about that it is about you and your opportunities to heal and love yourself. So go with the flow xxx • #firstpost #gowiththeflow #alopeciablogger #endometriosis #autoimmunedisease #hea#healthellness #wellness #health #instagramtips #instapost#autoimmunewarrior
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