Happy Father's Day #gostate #dadglasses
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Saturdays are for the Bulldogs. Wouldn’t bandwagon for @hailstatebb without any of these guys. #cws #gostate
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The Stutsman’s know how to throw one hell of a party & the old Kappas are still really good at attending them #GoState
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Original post from @georgiastateuniversity - 💙🌟💙 Happy Father's Day to all the Panther Dads! 💙🌟💙
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Lucky...lucky me, bumped into @maggielucas33 before the game! One of the few players that I just ❤️no matter where they ball. This girl got game! #GoState #FeverVsDream
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@will_i_am214 wore the perfect shirt for a weekend at the lake with 3 Iowa football players 😂 #GoState
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