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this looks so dreamy and ethereal ♡☁️
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Hi i’m back for a new concept. When sweetener came out, I immediatly knew that goodnight nd go was my favourite. And those last days has been hard for me and I discover goodnight nd go on an other side. So most of my post now will be live of this song BUT there will be a lot of other things too don’t worry. I know that u don’t give a shit ab my account but it helps me so.. love u all and @arianagrande
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the most beautiful human & song
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Our Ari is getting brighter and incredibly talented! The world is taken by it! We all love her. We will always be arianator and we will continue to grow so that we can be part of this great adventure with this queen of pop. I love Ariana Great and always will! I'm crazy about her. Do I exist for her? 🌙💛🌟 @arianagrande
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